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Jan 3, 2007 03:03 PM

Cafe d'Alsace - UES 'Sleeper'?

Thanks to a tip from kayonyc, myself and the other half made a brief stop at Cafe d'Alsace before a movie last night. Since then, I read the other not-so-rave reviews among the Hounds.

We didn't have much time, and only had a couple of apps and a beer, but apart from some ditzy service, we thought it was great. Wonderful potato salad, very very good Venison sausage over creamy choucroute. Crispy fries. All washed down with two bottles of delicious Belgian beer, Corsendonk, I believe.

Perfect send-off for a movie, and we'll definitely go back for a more in-depth try.

- Sean

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  1. I like Cafe D'Alsace. Solid food at decent prices. Its my go-to place in the neighborhood. Brunch is good also.

    1. I had a great first meal there and then two disappointing meals. I have been enjoying B. Cafe lately. It is a low key Belgian Restaurant on 75th off 2nd.

      1. We went there about 4 months ago and we thought then that the dishes we had came close to Alsatian fare only in appearance and nothing more. There appears to be a lot of beer choices, but everybody seem to be drinking out of too many overly gimmicky glasses. Good description with the "ditzy service" - our waiter seemed to presume that every customer have no clue as to what or where Alsace is.

        If ever there is a next time, which is unlikely, I'll try the sausages.

        1. I go fairly often but harbor no illusions about the food--it can be delicious, but it's unfortunately inconsistent. I don't really care what kind of glass my beer is poured in as long as it tastes good ... and they do have a lot of delicious beers--try the Finnish porter.

          RCC--I like the meat sausages, but find the seafood sausages pretty mediocre.

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          1. re: Kanger

            Thank you for the tip on the sausages.

            Based on the very mediocre, that tasted something that was previously-frozen, trout in white wine sauce that I had, I think I should not attempt seafood if I ever decide to go back.

            I'm glad somebody down on this thread mentioned the surly host. That person may be the most uptight and snnotiest host ever in a low-to-mid-range class of a restaurant.

          2. Glad you enjoyed the place. I'm surprised by the number of bad reviews - but I'll just chalk it up to maybe an inconsistency in the kitchen? I'll admit, I am not exactly a regular. I will definitely go back and try the sausage and choucroute!