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Jan 3, 2007 02:32 PM


I'm going with a group later this month to Wildfire, but I have had a hard time trying to get general prices for their menu on the Internet. Can anyone tell me what to expect to pay for a 3 course meal there?

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  1. It's been awhile since I was there, but I think the entrees average about $20-25 or so. I think if you get a dinner salad, it's probably about $7-8 and dessert in the same neighborhood. I usually spend about $70-80 for dinner depending on what I eat, but I also drink at least 2-3 glasses of wine with my dinner. Hope this helps a little.

    1. You could look at the menu on their website , pick out a few representative items you're likely to order, and call the restaurant to ask them the prices of those items.

      Just remember that the biggest variation in prices is with the alcohol ordered, especially with a group. So a three course meal WITHOUT alcohol can be the same as, or a small fraction of, a three course meal WITH alcohol (depending upon how much wine and/or other alcoholic beverages they drink, and the quality they choose).

      Have a great time - it's a good choice for a group!

      1. For dinner it will probably run you around $60 or so for a salad, entree and dessert (alcohol not included). One thing you might want to consider is having the group order a couple of the salads to share. The large Wildfire chopped salad (which is awesome, by the way - we're carrying it out tomorrow night to go with our spaghetti dinner) easily would feed four or so as an appetizer salad. I think the large size is $15.95.

        The steaks are pretty pricey. Their burgers are excellent. Portions are large, so sharing is a definite possibility.

        Sometimes when we go there and I'm not in the mood for an uber-beef dinner I order the wild mushroom pizza. That and some salad makes a great dinner.

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          That chopped salad is a favorite of mine, and its just enormous. We usually order a small to split as an appetizer for two.

          Another good mid-priced entree is the Romanian Skirt Steak. A friend ordered it once and I kind of laughed at first because it sounded a little odd, but it was real good.

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            What makes the Romanian Skirt Steak Romanian?