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Jan 3, 2007 02:30 PM

South Balto Eats

I have four great eateries in South Baltimore (aka Federal Hill )

1. Hogan's Alley---for the best shrimp salad in the city as well as large juicy burgers, a better crab cake than Cp'n Larry's and a big-ass cheesesteak!

2. Himalaya House---great, fresh, large Nepalese/Indian food in the unlikely location of Locust Point. They won't flyer the neighborhood because of the recent statute regarding same.

3. Mikies---Great fresh carry out for not so late at night.

Crazy Lils---get a burger and the Mahi bites and eat em upstairs in the non-smoking dining room.

Lemme know what you think

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  1. I second the Himalayan House!

    Here's a tip: TRY THE PIZZA (Steak Speciality or Tandoori Chicken!) Not only is the Nepalese/Indian Food great, but the pizza with hints of Nepalese/Indian spices is fantastic! Pizza is difficult to order, but worth the effort!

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    1. re: petera2

      Does HH have an eat-in area, or is it only carry-out? I drove by the other night after dinner trying to find where some of these places are, and I couldn't tell from my drive by if there was a seating area or not.


    2. How about Captain Larry's? Great crabcakes and fish tacos.

      whoops.I see you say Hogan's Alley has a better crabcake. I will have to give it a try. what is the price, offhand?

      1. I strongly dislike Mikie's pizza and even more strongly dislike the way their delivery driver blocks the alley/street with his car every night (personal neighborhood gripe, sorry).

        1. At Hogan's the crab cake platter is $8.95, sandwich, $7.25. By the way, anyone been to Ikarus in Greektown? There's some good eatin.

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          1. re: drblog

            Ikaros and Acropolis are both two of Bawlmer's best, and back to south Baltimore gotta give props to Kirby's Szechuan on south Charles street near Ostend and Rallo's restaurant on Fort avenue between south Baltimore and Locust Point.

            1. re: elgringoviejo

              Is Rallo's actually good? I know it's a family run place that has been there forever, so I totally understand supporting them. I've been meaning to check it out for those reasons myself. But that being said, I hadn't been under the impression the chow was actually all that great. I thought it was the type of place you go to for the history and Baltimore-ness of it, not the food.

              1. re: charmedgirl

                Beef Stew and Sour Beef and Dumplings are offered I believe on Tuesday and Wednesdays respectively. These are not "foodie" dishes and Rallo's is not a "foodie" place, but I would hope that 'hounds would enjoy the stew and sauerbraten.