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Jan 3, 2007 02:16 PM

Congrats LA Food Bloggers

How wonderful to open the LA times and read about my favorite LA Food Bloggers: Poet Kitty, The Delicious Life, Professor Salt, eatingla, ramaniac, Tokyo Astro Girl and others. You are all Yummy!

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    1. all fun and interesting blogs... but if there's one thing i really want... an for LA, ie, an amalgam of all these lil bloggers + forum-like feedback from the common joe-schmoe.

      1. Yes, I just read the article!! Nice you guys! :)


        1. The emphasis in the article seemed to be on the two "gossipy", "insidery" blogs which doesn't impress me very much. I don't think enough credit was given to Professor Salt's blog.

          IMHO it's not about the scene, or celebrity sightings, or rumor or inside knowledge of the food and dining industry, but about being able to learn about and appreciate the bounty available to us, and how we can deliver it and sustain it.

          1. Thanks for your support...they wanted to focus on what was new and the fact that they are more "polished" -- she actually interviewed me for quite a while but didn't use any of the quotes...I guess it's good enough that the LA Times actually recognizes blogs since they're usually not too on top of that kind of thing.