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Jan 3, 2007 02:05 PM

good places for martinis in DC?

In particular...a friend wants frozen apple martinis. Any ideas?

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  1. That sounds more like a dessert than a martini.

    1. Sure a frozen fruity margarita. Like I said...I'm asking for someone else.

      1. If you want a fine martini, this is the best town to get one. Any of the big name K street steak houses will pour you a fine one. Palm, Caputal Grille, Morton's, Old Ebbit..

        If you want a frozen concoction involving fruit, TGIFridays will do you fine job.

        I don't want to sound like a douche, but 'martini' and 'frozen' should not be words used to describe the same drink.

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        1. re: bensherman

          I have to agree 100%. It is one of my biggest pet peeves to see anything and everything poured in to a cocktail glass called a "martini."

        2. Try Matchbox in Penn Qtr, they have a whole slew of martini wanna be concotions.

          1. Thanks guys. I'll give her the Matchbox rec. I can't make a TGIF rec...I just can't. :)