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Jan 3, 2007 01:14 PM

Best Tapas in Montreal?

Any suggestions for the most authentic tapas in Montreal? Does anyone have first-hand experience of Pintxo's on Roy?


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  1. Pintxo is amazing. Don't hesitate for even one minute - just go.

    1. Run, don't walk. Some really nice privately imported wines.

      That being said, this is definitely of Basque origin - pinxto is their term for tapas. It's more like haute tapas. Everything is quite beautiful in preparation and presentation. Traditional tapas generally isn't, and tends to be a bit heavier on the meat, seasoning, etc.

      I myself like Casa Tapas on Rachel for a traditional casual, Spanish-take-on-a-bistro. Is it the best tapas in town? Seems like maybe not, however, it's definitely an authentic experience.

      1. I agree with Abendschein that Casa Tapas on Rachel is a good choice.

        Good Tapas, reasonable wine selection and just a fun and enjoyable place.

          1. The pinxtos at Pinxtos were very good.. typically tapas are larger which works well when you are seated. Pinxtos on the other hand are smaller bites than even tapas and dont work so well when served at the table, due to the time between pinxtos and the relatively small size- 1-2 bites... In the Basque region of Spain, pinxtos are generally served standing, at the bar.. in fact the bar is genrally completely covered in dozens of different varieties, generally 1-3 euro each, often served/eaten on the honor system.. so you can grab a glass of crianza, eat a few pinxtos and move on the next bar... just works alot better.. highly recommended!

            that said, Pinxtos made them right, quite beautiful as they should be, and very tasty... just be prepared to wait awhile... wife and I had probalby 15-20 pinxtos total and it took quite a long time....

            Picture of typical bar in Basque region: