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Jan 3, 2007 01:07 PM

Light dessert for sick girlfriend

A month ago, I made a vanilla panna cotta that I served with blood orange supremes and a orange-ginger reduction that my GF loved.

She has a cold now and I'll be bringing her some soup and a light dessert tonight.

I would like to do something with orange because they're good when you have a cold but don't have time for the panna cotta to set up since I gotta cook this after work.

Any suggestions? Should I substitute vanilla ice cream for the panna cotta?

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  1. I wouldn't go with ice cream if she has acold. I try to avoid any kind of dairy with a cold. How about a sorbet?

    1. Whenever I feel sick I want something warm and comforting and my comfort foods/flavours of choice are always fruit, oatmeal, cinnamon and brown sugar. So why not a nice warm apple/berry crisp?

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        I don't have enough time to make a baked dessert. In this instance, I'm looking at one hour, max. I'm thinking ambrosia or something similar.

      2. macca is right, dairy is not usually best when one has a cold, though I find creamy desserts tough to resist no matter what. If you do want something similar to your wonderful sounding panna cotta, there is a very simple recipe in Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way cookbook. I don't own it but borrowed it once and I think it was something like sweetened cream cheese topped with orange sections with a sauce poured over all that was made up of orange juice concentrate and orange marmalade mixed together. Use top quality ingredients and you'll have a comforting, delicious dessert in minutes.
        We added a couple of bites of dark chocolate to the plate just because for most of us a bit of chocolate cures what ails you!

        If that sounds good, perhaps someone with the book would post the recipe.

        Hope she feels better soon.

        1. I posted this recipe quite a while ago for Russian Creme Custard; I think it tastes a lot like panna cotta, but is more of a pudding consistency. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/27939... The original recipe uses raspberry puree, but you could do something with your oranges instead easily! It's actually one of my favorite desserts of all time and this coming from a chocolate all the way girl!

          1. I did a quick search on epicurious and saw a few recipes that are just sliced oranges with a sweet sauce. I think a sliced orange sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and perhaps shredded coconut would be good. I agree with xena, chocolate never hurts.