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Jan 3, 2007 12:36 PM

Home made Tamales at 137th st.

Still jet lagged I have somehow managed to miss my stop on the subway going uptown. It's a good thing, too. I got out at 137th street and heard, "Tamale! Tamale!"

I believe everything happens for a reason, and thankfully the Chow God (there must be one) was not going to let this jet-lagged and NY food deprived traveller miss this subtle manouver by way of slight detour on the train. I was going to just get out and turn right back on the train had I not heard the shouts of "Tamale! Tamale!".

I got a pork one and a cheese one for $1 each. Big flat white corn tamales, moist, and SPICY! Nothing in it looked spicy, except there was a piece of pepper that I thought was a tomato. Way Better than any tamale I've had in restaurants. The shredded pork had good honest porky flavor that's been hard to come by these days. The Cheese one would be good for non-vegan vegetarians. OF course, you have to be able to take the spiciness. Thankfully I had some Gewurztraminer left in the fridge and it did take the edge off of the burn...and life is good.

The lady who sold these were at the middle part of a wide two-way traffic on Broadway, right where the uptown 1 train would get out at the 137th street stop.

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  1. Tamales are traditionally made with lard, so be careful if you're feeding it to vegetarians. They might start oinking. :) Probably most are made with veg shortening instead these days--worse for you healthwise, but maybe better karma.

    1. I thought you were talking about this find; 145th st. and edgecombe ave . . . . looks and sounds like it could be good, right?

      1. Can you tell us when she's there? weekends or weekdays?

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          JoLi I was there in the afternoon on a weekday, maybe tuesday or wednesday.

          Bigjeff, I couldn't see the video to your link, so can't tell you if its' the same person. But she offered 3 flavors, pork, chicken and cheese, instead of verde or roja. I liked the direct spiciness achieved without any cloying sauce.

          F Schubert, I had intended to share it with a vegetarian, but maybe it wasn't meant to be this time because I ate it all. I will mention the possible lard next time, of course.

        2. There's a couple that sells tamales in the mornings at the 96th Street IRT station, offering the same array that the original poster noted. They are almost always sold out at that location by 9:00 a.m. The tamales are great. Wonder if they replenish their stock and head up town for the afternoon.....?

          1. Are the 96th street tamales available on weekends too?