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Jan 3, 2007 07:52 AM

best cafe` in or around union square?

i'm going to be spending some time in SF this weekend--anyone have suggestions for a great coffee/pastry shop/bakery in or near union square? thanks!

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  1. For espresso and pastries at Union Square, I actually really like Emporio Rulli il Caffe right on Union Square esp on a sunny day.

    Sometimes I like to duck into the Neiman Marcus Rotunda (top floor)for some civility and a great view looking down on Union Square.

    A little further afield is Samavar Tea Lounge at Yerba Buena Gardens, which I LOVE.

    Near there (by the Marriott) is Beard Papas. They are known for their cream puffs. Vanilla and milk tea are my favorites.

    1. Cafe Madeleine (at 43 O'Farrell, just down from Neiman Marcus)has good pressed sandwiches and salads.

      1. I like Mocca on Maiden Lane for their tasty, albeit pricey sandwiches and salad options.

        1. Cafe Espresso at the Sir Francis Drake is pretty good.