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Jan 3, 2007 06:45 AM

good conversational coffeeshop UES/UWS

Does anyone know of a good coffeeshop (not Starbucks) that is quiet, perhaps light music, and has nice sit down ambiance? Somewhere where two people can have a conversation together? Upper East Side preferred, then Upper West Side, if not, anything else to the east.

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  1. DT/UT on 2nd Ave. between 84th and 85th fits the bill perfectly. Great place to hang out and talk, read, or get some work done (I think they have free wireless internet). Plus, the coffee and snacks are pretty good.

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    1. re: NYC Wolverine

      DT-UT is where I normally go as well but since I'm often there during the day, at times it gets taken over by the mommy-and-me crowd.

      When this happens, I shift one block up to M Rohrs. It's on 85th just a couple of doors in from 2nd Ave. They have very good coffee and comfortable seating.


      1. re: Marine Engineer

        Big fan of SP. Also in that general area, Fresh Café at Amst. and 123rd. Good food too.

      2. Try Beanocchio's located on York Ave. btwn 75th & 76th St.

        1. There's always Cafe Lalo on 83rd between Broadway and Amsterdam if you do find yourself on the UWS. Maybe Pain Quotidien on Madison and 80-something (close to 86th)...if I recall, that place has steep steps, and even though it's next door to Cozy Cuts the steps deter the mommy and me crowds!

          1. lalo is very crowded and noisey but so cool. edgar's cafe (w80s between broadway and riverside) is much more quiet and quaint. it is located across the street from poe's old brownstone. there's a pain quotidien on w72 (columbus and cpw; one block up from the dakota).