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Favorite "Friends" Food Moments? (Inspired by the Seinfeld Thread)

What are your favorite food-related Friends moments?
(I am most admittedly copying the "Favorite Seinfeld Food Moments" Thread - such a great idea!!)

- the one with the breastmilk; first, when Carol says it tastes like cantaloupe juice; then, at the end, Ross ends up tasting it and immediately stuffs a fistful of oreos in his mouth.

- of course, the famous "this tastes like feet!" trifle

- the one where monica makes holiday candy for the neighborhood:
monica: it got really scary there for awhile! someone even stuffed this threatening note under the door!
joey (grabbing note and stuffing in pocket): oh right sorry, mob mentality...

- the one where they're trying to figure out phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe. "batch number 16 (?) people, look out!"

-the one where ross and emily are about to get married, and monica is discussing the merits of salmon over chicken with emily. with salmon you have to worry about chickenella!

-the one where joey refuses to share food with people. he won't share his food with his date, but when she leaves he scarfs down her dessert. she returns to an empty plate and a chocolate covered date. joey's chuckling response? "i'm not even sorry!"

there are soooooo many more...what are some of your favorites?

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    1. I gotta say the trifle/shepard's pie debacle ranks up there with my favorites. Here's some others not on your list.

      Mockolate and Monica's temporary job to come up with recipes.

      The episode where Ross is trying to sell Christmas cookies for the little girl scout.

      I love all the Thanksgiving episodes in general.

      1. I like the one where (vegetarian) Phoebe is pregnant and start craving meat, so Joey gives up meat for her, rationalizing that if she eats meat and he doesn't, that no extra cows will be killed.

        The one where Monica imagines if she would have ended up with Joey, who walks out at the end as big as a house and she has prepared all his favorite foods: "Fried stuff with cheese".

        Joey's favorite food- sandwiches. Rachel teaches him to sail, then he teaches her to make sandwiches.

        The one where Jon Lovitz is a restaurant owner or chef or something and Monica prepares a special meal for him and he gets stoned on the way over and eats EVERYTHING (including dry taco shells).

        My favorite thing about the t-day ones are that Chandler doesn't eat traditional t-day food because of a trauma he went through of his parents divorcing that day.

        My husband will often say "Joey doesn't share food" whenever I try to swipe a bite in a restaurant.

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          The Jon Lovitz one was classic! He sneaks a bag of gummy bears into his coat and Monica tries to wrestle them away from him, so the bag bursts open and gummies fall into a nearby bowl of soup. Then Jon's character starts throwing Cheerios into the soup; "Bears overboard!"

        2. The one where Monica was testing out some recipes for her restaurant and she makes Joey taste the salmon mousse. She says "Well?" and he says "It's fine." and she says, "Fine? Joey, I need it to be really good!" and he says "Monica, it's whipped fish! How good can it be?"

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            This is the one I was going to quote as well, but I remember this exchange as:

            Monica: "Okay, is this better than or worse than the last batch?"

            Joey: "It's...creamier."

            Monica: "But is that BETTER?"

            Joey: "Monica, it's whipped fish. You're lucky I'm keeping it down."

          2. Monica with the turkey on her head - the first time Chandler says he loves her. Although I always think about the salmonella all over her!

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              That's my favorite too!! I love her little funky turkey dance.

            2. I'm not as familiar with Friends as with Seinfeld. I think there's less about eating than cooking. (Except for things involving Joey, the most Seinfeld-like character; he would be Kramer's best friend.) Often one character will plan to cook a wonderful, delicious dish, but events conspire to turn it into a disaster... e.g. the Underdog episode in which they are trapped on the roof with a turkey burning in the oven. And all the Thanksgiving episodes.


              1. The above mentioned trifle debacle is my favorite. It will live with me forever each time I clip a recipe from a magazine.

                1. I find it rather telling about the relative quality between the two shows, that Seinfeld quickly garnered well over 140 responses, while this one is grasping to exceed ten. And Monica was an actual pro. Guess that explains to me why I never found Friends to be funny.

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                    if you don't like the show, don't respond to the post - no one asked for opinions about the show itself, just for fun food moments from it. i don't understand why so many of you out there feel the need to be so negative and criticize other posters. doesn't that go against the purpose of having a friendly discussion forum like this one? can't you just participate in the discussion that's actually going on?

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                      That doesn't make any sense at all...just because more people responded to the Seinfeld post doesn't say anything about the quality of the two shows. Could it be because many Seinfeld scenes took place in a restaurant? Nah. It could also be the demographics of the two shows relative to the demographics of the board. I'm not some crazed Friends fan, I simply took a statistics class in college.

                      As for my favorite moment, I think it was from the Jon Lovitz episode when Monica served an amuse bouche, and someone said "are you amoozed?" I still say that after the amuse "I'm amoozed."

                      1. re: writergirl

                        Hear hear, writergirl!

                        That whole scene with Lovitz was ridiculously funny! I love when he tries to eat the gummy bears, but when Monica wrestles the package away from him the little bears go flying into the soup tureen. Jon: "Oh! Oh! Bears overboard! (Tosses Sugar-O's into the tureen) Grab on, save yourselves fellas!"

                        Also - and I think I'm dating myself here - this episode taught me the meaning of "blazed up a doobie." I still giggle at the word "doobie." :-)

                    2. Has anyone tried the Friend's cookbook? It's pretty good. The recipes are by Jack Bishop who works for Cook's Illustrated. He's also done a number of vegetarian cookbooks on his own. I've made a couple of muffin recipes out of it and they were quite good. The book is probably out of print now.

                      One of my favorite food moments was when Joey was eating Monica's preserves and his face was covered with them. Monica told him to wipe his face and he daintily dabbed at the corners of his mouth.

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                      1. re: raj1

                        Chandler, looking at Joey with his jam jar: "Okay, choose one. (holds left hand out) The girl from the copy shop counter. (holds right hand out) Big pot of jam."

                        Joey, lasciviously: "Put your hands together..."

                        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                          Once Joey said something like "remember when your mom would drop you off at the movies with a jar of jam?"

                      2. And wasn't Phoebe's grandmother's recipe for "Toulousse" cookies the very one that's printed on the package of Nestle's chocolate chips -- "Toll House" Cookies?

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                        1. re: CindyJ

                          Phoebe's gramma's recipe was from her old friend "Nesslé Toulousse". Monica figured out that it was Nestle Tollhouse.

                          My fave food scene was again the stoned Jon Lovitz, when he repeats the word tartlette many times and then exclaims: "the word has lost all meaning!"

                        2. I just remembered the stolen turkey sandwich. Ross get's his special turkey sandwich stolen at work. He's upset because Monica made it just the way he likes it: bread, turkey, another piece of bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce and another slice of bread. The reason he loves it so? Because she dips the middle piece of bread in turkey gravy. He calls that piece "the moist-maker".

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                          1. re: bryan

                            Yeah. That episode inspired me to try that sandwich the following year.

                            1. re: alliebear

                              So how was it? I dislike cold gravy, but I'm willing to give it a try.

                              1. re: bryan

                                It wasn't that great. I didn't like the cranberry sauce on the sandwich, but without that it may have been good.

                          2. My sister hosted a party for the final Friends episode with a menu item for each Friend, I think. (Although she prepared them edibly, even if the storyline had a disaster.) Phoebe's "toulouse" chocolate chip cookies, sandwiches for Joey, trifle for Rachel, I'm not sure what else.

                            1. 2 more:

                              Amazing cheesecakes are accidently delivered to Monica's apartment, the last one ends up on the hallway floor. They proceed to eat the cheesecake off the floor.

                              Part of the Monica makes candy for the neighbours episode:
                              Chandler to Monica: "oh my god, you bake so people will like you"
                              Monica: "That's right, funny man."

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                              1. re: cookiebaker

                                The cheesecake episode is one of my favorites. I LOVE cheesecake and could conceivably see my self eating an amazing one off the floor, too!

                              2. There must have been many "Frasier" food moments too, but I can't think of one! As for "Friends", wasn't there a dollhouse with furniture made of candy? It belonged to Phoebe.

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                                1. re: BangorDin

                                  "Frasier" food memory: When Frasier and Niles opened their own French restaurant called "The Happy Brothers" (but in French). The chef quits on opening night due to the brothers' constant meddling. All the while, they keep adding more and more liqueur to the cherries jubilee which eventually EXPLODES when it is lit. Frasier's assistant Roz gets the worst of the blast ending up with soot on her face and her hair blown into a big fright wig. Then Bulldog drives his car through the window.

                                  1. re: raj1

                                    It was the elderly car valet who drove the car through! And someone yelled something and cleared out the kitchen staff, green card perhaps?

                                    1. re: Sarah

                                      That's right. And THEN Bulldog drunkenly walked through the mess and burped during the closing credits. Wasn't "Frasier" really great in the early years!

                                  2. re: BangorDin

                                    Yes, there was the "tootsie roll-away" bed...which I'm sure made quite a gooey mess when the house caught on fire. :-(

                                  3. The Thanksgiving episode when Monica put the uncooked turkey on her head and did a little dance for Chandler, shaking her self around like a really bad stripper. Talk about NOT sexy. Priceless.

                                    Of course, that also reminds me that Joey got a turkey stuck on his head. I don't know which is worse, doing it on purpose - or by mistake.

                                    1. The one where Monica can't stop making jam.

                                      The one where Chandler's weird roomate (when Joey moved out for a while) was obsessed with dehydrating fruit, and kept a goldfish cracker in a fishbowl as a pet.

                                      The "unagi" episode.

                                      The Christmas episode when Monica makes cookies for the Super and mailman in lieu of giving then a bonus.

                                      The one where Monica is at a job interview and is washing tomatoes to prepare a sauce. The interviewer turns out to be a pervert ("But I like them dirty...")

                                      When Phoebe's cop boyfriend takes the guys out in his police car and Joey lunges to protect his sandwich when they think they hear a gunshot.

                                      When Monica caters a party for her mother but loses a bandaid and they have to use a bunch of frozen lasagnes instead ("You pulled a Monica!")

                                      When Phoebe gets sick and loves her raspy voice so much that she wants to stay sick. Monica catches her cold and Phoebe tries to make her chicken noodle soup but it's just noodle-water since she's a vegetarian.

                                      When Monica gets fired for accepting a gift of 5 steaks and an eggplant from a vendor.

                                      When Monica has to create recipes using mock-olate and fish-tachios (like pistachios but made from reconstituted fish bits)

                                      When Ross and Rachel are breaking up and the rest are trapped in the bedroom eavesdropping and are so hungry that they eat leg wax.

                                      When the girls have a bonfire on the balcony and order pizza with a fat free crust and extra cheese. Also when Ross is terrible at chatting up the pizza delivery girl.

                                      The one Thanksgiving episode when Monica has to make 3 or 4 different types of mashed potatoes to make everyone happy (lumpy for Ross, peas and carrots added for Phoebe etc)

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                                      1. re: hrhboo

                                        The Monica catering for her mother episode - it wasn't a bandaid, it was an acrylic nail because she didn't want her mum complaining about Monica biting her nails.

                                        Sorry to be picky. My last (really last since I now live ALONE!!) roomie had all the friends episodes on DVD and watched them allllllll the time.

                                        And Dammit you just mentioned ALL MY fave food moments from Friends

                                        The Jam episode
                                        Monica" What do I need to get over my man - Jam!" LOL

                                        1. re: hrhboo

                                          My favorite is that one where Monica is preparing (what I think was actually) a salad for the job interview and he turns out to be a pervert.

                                          "You gonna cut 'em real nice??"

                                          1. re: hrhboo

                                            hahaha yeah!

                                            the trifle... i like the whole exchange after the feet part too =)

                                            and 'm soo glad u mentioned "unagi".. i was just having dinner with my friend and i said "salmon skin roll" =)

                                            and i love the the one where ross is flirting with the pizza delivery girll. i was wondering if anyone would post it... and you did! hahah i love how he tells her about the smell of gas.. and then she later tells rachel, "that was flirting?!?!" hahahah

                                          2. Plus all the countless times in the coffee shop, which may not be 'food' per se, but still all so funny.

                                            1. -The one where the more well-to-do friends plan a dinner at an expensive restaurant and order it up, while the less well-to-do friends order it down...and then it's proposed they split the check evenly.

                                              -The one where Ross supplements Rachel's dad's crappy tip at a restaurant and gets caught.

                                              1. All right, tell me if this is too cute: lesbian wedding ... chicken breasts.--Monica
                                                Oh god. I think I'm gonna be sick.--Rachel
                                                Why? It's not like I'm putting little nipples on them.--Monica

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                                                1. re: dagoose

                                                  That was the episode I was going to mention. :) LOVE Monica... and how everyone ended up helping with the catering after she said that she didn't need help?! :)

                                                2. When Ross, Chandler and Joey are riding along with Phoebe's cop boyfriend in the backseat (Joey's in the middle), a car backfires and everyone thinks it's a gunshot. Joey appears to throw his body over Ross to save him....and everyone praises him for his bravery.... except that Joey was actually trying to save his meatball sub (which was next to Ross).

                                                  Chandler is miffed at this, until Joey confesses the real reason he went in Ross's direction. As a goodwill gesture, he offers Chandler his meatball sub. Chandler takes one bite, admits how good it is, and goes for a second one. Joey stops him, explaining that he only meant ONE bite to show how much Chandler means to him. :)

                                                  1. The turkey on the head is probably my favorite, but I love the flashback episode to Monica & Rachel's prom. Monica is eating a sandwich and gets mayo on Rachel's shoulder.

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                                                    1. re: Oh Robin

                                                      Oh, that reminds me of another flashback episode....when Chandler 1st meets Monica at Thanksgiving, she makes him "righteous" mac n' cheese.The next year, thin and wanting to seduce him, Rachel advises her to act like everything turns her on. So in the kitchen, as she's talking to Chandler, she's rubbing a carrot against her face, sliding her hands on a knife blade.....hilarious!

                                                    2. The one I always remember is when Monica made Rachel the "birthday flan". Rachel was so disappointed that she didn't get cake!

                                                      1. Here are a few others I thought of:

                                                        * The Jam Plan - Joey's sitting there with a big jar of jam and dipping his graham crackers into it in Monica's kitchen. He declares his invention "Jam Crackers."

                                                        * The Trifle - I agree that line, "It tastes like feet" is classic, but even better is when Joey follows with," What's not to like? Jam, good... Meat, good..."

                                                        * It doesn't really involve actual food, but Phoebe's line, "See, he's her lobster," when Ross and Rachel get back together after seeing the Prom home video, is one of the best lines in the show's history.

                                                        * During that Jon Lovitz episode where Monica cooks for him in her apt. (he also appeared in another episode later in the show's history as a blind date gone wrong for Rachel while pregnant with Emma), that was the first time I'd even heard of an "amuse bouche." I'm well aware of what it is these days :).

                                                        * Monica's Birthday Flan (and in the same episode, the suggestion of a poached salmon disgusts the whole clan)

                                                        * The episode where Phoebe was in charge of ice at Rachel's surprise birthday party. I wanted a snow cone so bad after that one.

                                                        I love that damn show.

                                                        1. New Year's Eve party at Monica and Rachel's apartment, and Chandler invited Janice. Janice eats Monica's artichoke dip and says, I love this artichoke thing! Oh, don’t tell me what’s in it, the diet starts tomorrow (and does the Janice laugh)

                                                          The one where Rachel lost her engagement ring while helping Monica make lasagna so they have to dig through the lasagna to find it. Then later while Ross is telling everyone that Carol's pregnant, Joey's loudly clanging with the fork while eating the lasagna and when everyone looks at him, he says, this is still ruined right?

                                                          The one where Monica made meat lasagna instead of vegetarian lasagna for her aunt so is giving everyone lasagna throughout the episode including Paolo after Rachel broke up with him. Phoebe gave Rachel her best oatmeal raisin cookies in the world to tell Rachel that Paolo hit on her, and Phoebe said she doesn't like to bake these too often because it's not fair to the other cookies.

                                                          (Lasagna seems to come up a lot. There was that the catering episode on frozen lasagnas mentioned above too.)

                                                          Joey's helping Monica prepare the food for Carol and Susan's wedding and when Monica tells him to go faster, he says it's the pigs, they're reluctant to get in the blankets

                                                          It's Phoebe's birthday at a restaurant but everyone except Joey leaves. He's then at a table by himself when all the entrees come and he says boys you'r'e about to see something really special

                                                          Rachel has the male nanny Sandy who Ross thinks is too sensitive, and Sandy made madeleines.

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                                                          1. re: cheesepowder

                                                            wasn't there salami involved in the failed attempt to "uncircumcise" joey for an audition?

                                                            Rachel eating stolen cheesecake off the floor is a classic. and i loved the toulouse moment, even thought it was shameless product placement.

                                                            1. re: hala

                                                              My 3 favorites:

                                                              Joey wearing maternity pants so he could finish the entire turkey

                                                              Rachael and Joey (I think) eating cheesecake off the hallway floor

                                                              Monica trying to recreate Nestle Tollhouse cookies

                                                              1. re: Texchef

                                                                That would be Rachel and Chandler fighting over the cheesecake on the floor. Joey walks in with fork in hand, only in the last scene. :)

                                                            2. re: cheesepowder

                                                              Ohh, the veg/nonveg lasagna one was great...especially when Ross takes one to Carol, and she asks if it's vegetarian b/c Susan doesn't meat, and he says, "I think so...." :-P

                                                              1. re: cheesepowder

                                                                Later, at Carol and Susan's wedding reception, Joey approaches a guest: "So. How's that pig in a blanket workin' out for you? Wrapped that bad boy myself!"