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Jan 3, 2007 05:42 AM

Favorite "Friends" Food Moments? (Inspired by the Seinfeld Thread)

What are your favorite food-related Friends moments?
(I am most admittedly copying the "Favorite Seinfeld Food Moments" Thread - such a great idea!!)

- the one with the breastmilk; first, when Carol says it tastes like cantaloupe juice; then, at the end, Ross ends up tasting it and immediately stuffs a fistful of oreos in his mouth.

- of course, the famous "this tastes like feet!" trifle

- the one where monica makes holiday candy for the neighborhood:
monica: it got really scary there for awhile! someone even stuffed this threatening note under the door!
joey (grabbing note and stuffing in pocket): oh right sorry, mob mentality...

- the one where they're trying to figure out phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe. "batch number 16 (?) people, look out!"

-the one where ross and emily are about to get married, and monica is discussing the merits of salmon over chicken with emily. with salmon you have to worry about chickenella!

-the one where joey refuses to share food with people. he won't share his food with his date, but when she leaves he scarfs down her dessert. she returns to an empty plate and a chocolate covered date. joey's chuckling response? "i'm not even sorry!"

there are soooooo many more...what are some of your favorites?

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    1. I gotta say the trifle/shepard's pie debacle ranks up there with my favorites. Here's some others not on your list.

      Mockolate and Monica's temporary job to come up with recipes.

      The episode where Ross is trying to sell Christmas cookies for the little girl scout.

      I love all the Thanksgiving episodes in general.

      1. I like the one where (vegetarian) Phoebe is pregnant and start craving meat, so Joey gives up meat for her, rationalizing that if she eats meat and he doesn't, that no extra cows will be killed.

        The one where Monica imagines if she would have ended up with Joey, who walks out at the end as big as a house and she has prepared all his favorite foods: "Fried stuff with cheese".

        Joey's favorite food- sandwiches. Rachel teaches him to sail, then he teaches her to make sandwiches.

        The one where Jon Lovitz is a restaurant owner or chef or something and Monica prepares a special meal for him and he gets stoned on the way over and eats EVERYTHING (including dry taco shells).

        My favorite thing about the t-day ones are that Chandler doesn't eat traditional t-day food because of a trauma he went through of his parents divorcing that day.

        My husband will often say "Joey doesn't share food" whenever I try to swipe a bite in a restaurant.

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          The Jon Lovitz one was classic! He sneaks a bag of gummy bears into his coat and Monica tries to wrestle them away from him, so the bag bursts open and gummies fall into a nearby bowl of soup. Then Jon's character starts throwing Cheerios into the soup; "Bears overboard!"

        2. The one where Monica was testing out some recipes for her restaurant and she makes Joey taste the salmon mousse. She says "Well?" and he says "It's fine." and she says, "Fine? Joey, I need it to be really good!" and he says "Monica, it's whipped fish! How good can it be?"

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          1. re: Andiereid

            This is the one I was going to quote as well, but I remember this exchange as:

            Monica: "Okay, is this better than or worse than the last batch?"

            Joey: "It's...creamier."

            Monica: "But is that BETTER?"

            Joey: "Monica, it's whipped fish. You're lucky I'm keeping it down."

          2. Monica with the turkey on her head - the first time Chandler says he loves her. Although I always think about the salmonella all over her!

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            1. re: julesrules

              That's my favorite too!! I love her little funky turkey dance.