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Jan 3, 2007 03:54 AM


Are any of you familiar with this tasty Mexican hot sauce? Out of all the hot sauces I find myself always buying this one and I really enjoy it. It is really flavorful and has plenty of heat. I use it on everything from Pizza, Eggs, soup, and seafood.

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  1. It's my current favorite to throw on anything non Asian.

    1. Try Tapatio on hot, buttered corn on the cob. A dash of it in chicken flavor ramen noodle soup is very tasty. Can't find Tapatio here in Middle Tennessee, I have to order it online.

      1. A friend raved about it so much I finally bought a bottle for taco night. We really liked it. It's completely different from our usual hot sauces.

        1. I wasn't sure about buying Tapatio, but it was only 89 cents so i couldn't pass it up. Then my Mexican friend said this is the one she prefers and uses at home. I was not disappointed. :o)

          1. It's my favorite! It's so funny, because a couple of years ago, when we were living on a pretty extreme budget, I bought it because it was the cheapest on the shelf! Little did I know, it would be my favorite on the shelf too!

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              My favorite, too. I like it sprinkled on stuffed peppers and lots of other things. It has just the right amount of kick that I like. I read about it here months ago. Unlike a lot of hot sauces, it contains no vinegar.

              1. re: Pat Hammond

                It's perfect in creamy soups, especially clam chowder.

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  Funny. I just made a pretty lack luster potato/corn chowder, and remembered this topic. I gave my bowlful a few shots of Tapitio and it sparkled it right up. Added several more shakes to the pot!

                2. re: Pat Hammond

                  The ingredient list has acetic acid listed fourth. Acetic acid is vinegar.