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Greasy Spoon Restaurants

Yunno, I really miss an old greasy spoon. It was called Brothers, it was on Yonge street (south of Bloor) right beside the Scientology place. Anyone remember that place who use to live in the neighbourhood? Anyways since that place closed, I have gone down to the Coach House (east side of Yonge just north of Wellesly) but I want to know, does anyone know where else in the GTA there are other good greasy spoons that serve a good cheap breakie of eggs and bacon? thanks Tour boi

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  1. People's Foods at Dupont and St. George serves my favourite greasy spoon breakfast. It's the un-greasiest greasy spoon around.

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      Hmmmmmmmm now that sounds good too. Thanks Tour boi

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        I'm a regular at People's too. Since the 70's!!

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          There appear to be two People's restaurants on that strip of Dupont. One is closer to Spadina and the other is closer to St. George.
          Can someone do a compare and contrast?

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            The one closest to Davenport is the one to try 1st. IMHO it's the only one to go to. Great food, but can have a small line at busy times (Sat morns etc). Mind you I haven't been to the other one once I made the decision between the two...and that decision wasn't made recently. Whatever you do, if there is a wait at Peoples, don't be tempted by the pub next door. Their breakfast fare is pedestrian at best.

            I would appreciate a reccomendation close to Yonge and North York Centre. Even a short drive would be OK. Not that impressed with the local greasy spoon, John Andersons.

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              Thanks Mike!
              I did use to go to the pub next door - aka The Pour House - mostly because they had (or still have?) a 2-for-1 brunch coupon that you can print online ;)

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                Try the Mildmay Restaurant on the east side of Yonge just above Steeles.

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                  Sorry to correct to you, but I assume you are referring to Midway rather than Mildmay, not a bad choice, especially late night.

                  Literally right next door is The Fry Basket, note that they close at around 4:00pm. Their thing seems to be the greasy breakfast, very generous with the bacon, but I find quality to be off. I have friends that swear by the place, once a year is enough for me.

        2. I think Higher Ground on Queen West puts out a GREAT un-greasy greasy spoon breakfast. LOADS of food at a great price. Very tasty.

          1. I'm no connoisseur, but for a good old-fashioned straightforward and cheap bacon-eggs-homefries breakfast, complete with characters at the grill and authentic vinyl booths, I head to Patrician Grill, 219 King East.

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              This place is a slam dunk! Just wish they had longer hours. But I ain't compaining!

            2. There was a rather huge discussion on this just a few months ago, here:


              1. In terms of a cheap and cheerful breakfast place with low prices and insane portions, go for Daybreak (Church & Carlton).

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                  I really enjoy Daybreak as well. However, perhaps because it IS a cheerful breakfast place, I'd never classify it as a "greasy spoon". But that's just IMO.

                2. The greasiest has to be Peter Street Deli serving "Chinese & Canadian Food" love their day-glo chicken balls but they do a great breakfast too... but you have to through out your clothes afterwards if you eat there as they will continue to smell of grease lol!

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                      If in Mississauga try Orchard Family Restaurant (southwest corner of Hurnotario and Dundas). Not raelly a greasy spoon but I believe they have the type of breakfast you're looking for.

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                        I second the reco for the Orchard. Best breakfast in the West End... and good "diner" type food altogether.

                    2. I absolutely remember Brothers. They were great. What I wouldn't give to be in one of the booths chowing down on an omelette every single Saturday. I remember the waitress used to give you a little slap if you didn't finish your meal. Just like momma! (kiddin)

                      Patrician is good as DylS mentions. On the other side of King and just a little east of there is Zoulpy's. It has good greasy spoon/coffee shop food and has that Brothers feel. You know... all are welcome, take your time, eventually you'll know all the staff kinda feel.

                      1. Steve's on Bathurst St just one block north of Wilson ave. excellent peameal bacon and eggs w homefries and toast

                        1. Detroit on Danforth at Chester. The guys know their regulars and it's a homestyle place with lots of hockey memorabilia that focuses on--you guessed it--the Detroit Red Wings.

                          1. Try the Good Bite. On Yonge St north of Eglinton....its been there since I was a kid...and still going strong.
                            Actually I think they have their own website
                            www.goodbite.com (I'm pretty sure)

                                1. One of the best "greasy" breakfasts I've had is The New York Diner at Broadview and Danforth. Highly recommend the eggs and peameal bacon (it comes thick cut, you won't leave hungry!).

                                  1. i'm a big fan of johnny g's on parliament at carlton.

                                    cheap and plentiful breakfast that comes with juice and coffee. three eggs, homefries, toast, meat, coffee and juice comes in at around $5.50 i think.

                                    you can also get fries instead of homefries. they're fresh hand cut fries, but i have to say the quality of the cooking of them is hit and miss. but man oh man, when they're hit, they're AMAZING fries. when they're miss they're kind of meh.

                                    1. Looking for a breakfast spot near Sheppard and 404 otherwise my date will make me go to the Golden Griddle! Help please.