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Jan 3, 2007 02:26 AM

Will there be a Koi Palace in Dublin? -

A Dublin friend went by the Ulferts Center in Dublin, where a Koi Palace was rumored to be planned. Instead, he said there was now a smallish "Koi Gardens" to be built. The Center, which was to have opened in the summer of 2006, is now slated to open in mid 2007.

Any news of whether Koi Palace will ever get to Dublin?

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  1. Main sign out front lists the name of the restaurant as "Just Koi".

    1. Actually, at one entrance to the center, the sign lists "Just Koi". At the other entrance, the sign lists "Koi Gardens".

      I guess we may need to wait and see.

      1. Thanks. That mall is taking its own sweet time.

        1. It looks like one of the retaurant is opening up this coming Monday, Jan 8, 2007.

          Singapore Old Town Cafe

          not much said in the website yet...

          1. I drove by tonight and Singapore Old Town Cafe is indeed open. Also, House of Sake is open (a branch of the Walnut Creek original.)

            Both "Just Koi" and "Koi Garden" are supposedly going to be part of the mall. The tenent list can be found here:


            The next place that looks closest to completion is My Grill.

            Glad to see something finally open after nearly 2 years of construction.

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              Any new updates on this? I'm an East Bay Koi lover and if its open, I'll be out there this weekend.

              1. re: prettypithy

                I called Koi Palace and they said it should be opening next month. Last time I went by Ulferts, maybe 3 weeks ago, it still looked a ways off. But I'm no general contractor.

                1. re: Fussy Foodie

                  I was at Ulferts a week ago and I do not think Koi Gardens is going to be open for a while. The walls aren't even finished yet. I would say a month or two. It's very small looking. The "Just Koi" place downstairs looks almost ready though. We're excited.

                  --forgot to mention that "Just Koi" looks like a small takeout joint. Koi Gardens will be the more substantial restaurant upstairs. The menu for Just Koi is posted on the window. Looks like a pared down version of their dim sum menu with some additions. Also, I remember seeing some interesting drinks.