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Jan 3, 2007 02:07 AM

A Wonderful Pie in San Rafael

I was recently on this board asking about pie delivery in Marin - the system has eaten that thread, but I wanted to update because I was so happy with the result of my search.
I ended up with Delicieux Fine Desserts - no idea how I found them, but I'm glad I did. I believe they mainly do farmer's markets, but they delivered a mixed berry pie to my friend's house on Christmas Eve for a very reasonable price (less than half of what other bakeries quoted me), and the pie was the hit dish of Christmas Eve! Of course I tipped generously ahead of time, that helped with the Christmas Eve delivery but I'm sure the quality is always the same. So there ya have it, a delicious pie in Marin County that can be delivered to your house.
Delicieux Fine Desserts

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  1. Thanks for reporting back. It sounds good. I'll have to check them out at the farmers market.

    Thanks Melanie. Did a scan of those boards and didn't see that, another example then.

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      Didn't pay close attention, but there was mention on Site Talk of some threads being AWOL. The team's working on recovering them.