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Dungeness crab anywhere in Austin?

After having a delicious S&P crab recently, I am rabid for more. Do any Austin hounds have any recommendations for any dungeness crab? Kent Wang, does Quality Seafood steam crab for their counter or for takeout? Do any of the seafood restaurants have dungeness on the menu now that it is in season? I care not about ethnicity, recipe, or price...just want to know if there is anywhere around here that features dungeness in season....?!

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  1. I assume you mean the S&P dish at T&S Seafood. If not, then you must get there at once as they have a number of dungeness preparations. My favorite is the "garlic and scallions" method.

    I have never seen Quality Seafood sell dungeness in its restaurant. Bummer, I know. They don't really do seasonal items like that. Only thing that I can think of is the occasional crawfish boil that they'll have.

    You could try the usual suspects: McCormick & Schmick, Eddie V's, Truluck's.

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      THAT's why I asked again...I forgot to check Truluck's. Just did, and they feature steamed dungeness in season. Thanks!

      I got the S&P crab at T&S, and since my options are so limited, I will hurry back for the garlic and scallion preparation.

      Guess my next move after that is to try and track down seafood markets with live dungeness - preferably those who will steam on site...I love the crab, but living with the lingering aroma of home steaming...well, I've done it, more than once, and will again if I have to!

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        central market steams live seafood for you to take home.

    2. Quality Seafood on Airport has DC in season and you can eat on site. Not sure if they have the crab on menu as it doesn't show on their site.
      I love their seafood and their market. The seafood is always fresh and the staff is always friendly.

      1. Thanks everyone...I'm very excited to try QS - last time I was at CM, they had live lobster, but no crab....but I will try again. Appreciate all your comments!

        1. I think Whole Foods downtown has DC but I think they are steamed onsite...

          1. I was at the new MT Supermarket yesterday (N Lamar one block south of Braker, in the new Chinatown center) and I saw live dungeness.

            1. Thanks for all the recs - here's a report. Quality Seafood does not carry live dungeness, nor are they equipped to steam to go. The owner, Paul, seemed almost pained to tell me this, and assured me that a local crab will be coming in soon that they will have live. The place was jumping - the restaurant was just about full and there was a line at the counter. I got some trout (nice) for later.

              Central Market pulled a live dungeness crab out of the tank and steamed it for me. At $12.99 per lb, this medium crab came to about $23.00. It was great - fresh, sweet, meaty, delicious, but I couldn't help thinking of the ENORMOUS $25.00 crab I had at T&S...served to me hot and cracked and blanketed in the most exquisite S&P batter coating.

              Then, on Valentines Day, HEB had steamed dungeness crab - not previously frozen like in the case - in styrofoam trays that said "sell by February 17th." Each crab was marked $9.99, with no weight indicated. I rolled the dice, and was rewarded! I murdered it, and although it wasn't quite as succulent as the $25.00 Central Market one, it was miles better than the regular pre-frozen stuff.

              So, I'm off to MT Supermarket this weekend for the Lunar New Year celebration, and will see what I find there, and I will make it to Whole Foods before the season is done...but I'm just about ready to head back to T&S for one more S&P... maybe a garlic and scallion one too, if I find enough crab fans to eat with!

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                I hadn't seen your update saticoy, but I got the same response from Quality Seafood on Saturday this weekend.

                This was my first visit to QS, so I also stopped in for a bite to eat. Despite it not being an "r" month (bah), I ordered a half-dozen oysters and, much to my surprise, they were really quite good. They were not as exotic tasting as some varietals, but simply a fresh taste of the ocean -- they were shucked well enough that a good bit of brine was in each one. And I think Shiner is a great accompaniement to oysters.

                The shrimp-oyster po-boy on the other hand was lackluster. They use a hoagie-style bread, which to my tastes isn't all that great or appropriate. And the po-boy came out so quick after ordering that I wondered if the shrimp and oysters had been sitting around since they were kinda soggy. Only a couple of them had the crisp. Pretty run-of-the-mill tartar sauce and cocktail sauce, and no remoulade available. Not a terrible sandwich, but could have been better.

                This visit awakened the seafood craving in me, and now I'd like to find an oyster bar. Does Austin have any ? I'd prefer something a little more casual than McCormick & Schmicks or Trulucks.

                The other thing I'd give my right arm for is a lobster roll. Good lord. I may have to order the split-top buns and just make my own.

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                  I've been somewhat unimpressed with Quality Seafood's menu the couple of times I've eaten there. I really want to like it, though.

                  Way up north, Pacific Star is a lowbrow oyster bar and seafood place. Nothing fancy there.