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Jan 3, 2007 01:50 AM

Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor (DLC-10S) Issues

I just got this Food Processor for Christmas. I cannot get the lid to slip onto the bowl and lock into place.

I have the Large Sleeve Assembly:
Large Pusher & Sleeve Assembly (Gray) for DLC-10C & DLC-10S & DFP-7BC (DLC-118BGTX-1)

I cannot seem to get this to work at all. Can someone who has this item give me some pointers? I'm about ready to give this up, but I really want the food processor.

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  1. Did your problem work out? I have a different model ... the 11 cup processor.

    Keep in mind the top part twists onto the main container which twists onto the base.

    If you don't make headway tonight you might want to look through the manual ... then call their 800 number to have them walk you through it tomorrow.

    1. I bought one of those a few months ago and blew it out mixing a very small ball of dough. Luckily, the store took it back. I also had the problem you're having with the locking bowl. I say get rid of it while you can and get a bigger model, either Cuisinart or KitchenAid.

      1. I have the 11 cup model and have found that you need to lock the bowl to the base first, then put the lid on the bowl and twist to lock. Still, it's not as easy as the older models.

        If you can't get it to work, take it back right away.