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Jan 3, 2007 01:37 AM

Defective Williams-Sonoma mandoline?

I told my wife I wanted a mandoline. The best local cookware store near us in Michigan is Williams-Sonoma. She got me the $100 model with the extra kit (blades and long pusher). I have two dissapointments and have had them since the begining (week before christmas). The minor issue that is getting on my nervs more is the pusher. It doesn't seem to say on track, like it wasn't manufactured with long enough fins to stay in place.

My mine gripe is the waffle blade. It seems as dull as my butter knife. This is my main concern. Would a different brand be more sharp? I looked at their "pro" V model and it seemed sharper. I'm slightly concerned by a "store brand," but WS is a good name and they've treated me well thus far. Or should I return it and get another brand some place else? I like the WS design as far as the non-slip legs go, but I'm not a leg guy and could get used to a different design. Little help. Thanks.

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  1. If it isn't satisfactory, return it. Williams-Sonoma should be willing to replace it w/ a functioning model. If they give you/her a refund, go to a resturant supply house near you (if there is one) that is open to the public and buy one there. Chefs are fussy about such things, so the quality should be high.

    1. How sharp should the waffle blad be? I've been told that carrots are tough to cut, but I was having problems with butternut squash too. Only local place (by searching for returant and scrolling down to supplies) is a distributor for I'm going to assume that if a mandoline comes with a sharp waffle blade, that it will also come with all the other blades sharp. Anyone have a good brand/model that's sharp? Or a good online place, as I'm going to assume that this company isn't quite up to par, I want some place better than church/motel quality.

      1. It should be very sharp, although carrots, turnips, rutabagas and winter squash are difficult to cut especially with the pusher. Buy a cut-proof glove and ditch the pushers.

        I bought 2 mandolines from WS and both are very sharp. The sharpest one is the cheaper deBuyer. It is one they used to sell for about $80 and was a grey fiberglass handheld. I bought the second stainless steel one for about $140, because it had the fancy waffle and julienne blades. If I'd known I could get the fancy blades for the deBuyer driectly from them, I would have bought only that one, but I found out too late.

        1. Kayakado, thanks for the response. I'm assuming you are speaking about the waffle blad that is sharp. The straight blade I have is really sharp, but the waffle blade I don't think I could cut my finger with. Is it, in fact, true that the waffle blade is also supposed to be really sharp?

          1. FWIW, I just called WS. Still concerned about the blade being dull. They are going on sale 1/5/2007 for about $50. It appears that they are going to stop selling the $100 model.

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              Return it to WS. I bought a "V Slicer" on the recommentation of a cooking class teacher at sur la table a few years ago. I don't use it that often but I love it when I do use it. She much preferred it to a mandoline.