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Jan 3, 2007 01:31 AM

Best breakfast joints in Western Canada

No deep fryed bacon,hash browns or margarine. I want real breakfast. Cook to order. Most places I've been to don't know how to cook an egg without turning it into some insult to the egg.
No need for fancy but I'll try anywhere they can do it right.
I'm heading on a roadtrip through western Canada and would like suggestions for best in the west.
Seeking the good Breakfast

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  1. Whistler:

    -Wildwood (tennis club)
    -Fairmount Chateau Brunch


    -Hard as I have yet to find the perfect spot, but here are few good places. Paul's, Feenies Brunch


    -1886 Cafe (Eau Clair Market)

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      1. re: JWh

        ^^you've got to be kidding me about 1886 Cafe. IMO calgary doesn't have the best breakfast scene, but out of all the options, that's all you suggest???!?!?

        We tried 1886 once and will never go back again. It was a few years ago and I don't remember the details, but we thought it was perhaps the crappiest breakfast food we had ever been served. and IIRC it's hard to find a plate less than $15!!! gimme a break!

        business from the nearby hotel is the only thing keeping them in business.

        1. re: nonlinear

          JWh made the post almost three years ago. I used to hear good things about 1886 Cafe haven't been for years myself. Sorry to hear it's gone downhill.

        2. re: JWh

          old bump but I thought I'd bring this up

          I am a breakfast nut. I love eggs....

          best place is a hole in the wall, mom and pop kind of place. Look for small, and home baking.

          Then, ASK for your 'taters to be grilled. And your eggs, your way

        3. if you come through edmonton, you have a few possibilities.
          culina cafe ( has great breakfast on weekdays and saturday. don't be scared by their non-traditional sounding menu- you'll walk out satisfied. their saturday brunch menu is online and the weekday one is similar.
          new york bagel cafe is also great... good luck.

          1. Diner Deluxe in Calgary is good for so many different reasons at breakfast. The service is efficient and fun and the food is reliably creative and well made. It's on Edmonton trail just up past 7th ave.

            The Blackfoot Truck stop also probably cooks the best sunny and over easy eggs I have had in a restaurant's weird in there though, but totally cool. You've been warned. I'd check it out if I were you! Good luck

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            1. re: formerlyfingers

              In Calgary:

              I second Diner Deluxe. Great atmosphere and well-thought-out food. It's like a traditional diner breakfast done with a gourmet twist. But go early (i.e. before 9:00am) if you're visiting Diner Deluxe on weekends; it fills up very quickly.

              I'd also like to throw in votes for the Galaxie Diner at the corner of 14 Ave and 11 St SW and its sister diner, the Belmont Diner, in Marda Loop (33 Ave SW). A bit cheaper than Diner Deluxe, the two places offer similar all-day breakfast and lunch menus and awesome milkshakes. Like Diner Deluxe, get there early if you're going on a weekend day.

              Any Calgary chowhounds been to the Siding Café lately? Is it good?

              1. re: aktivistin

                Search on Siding Cafe. There was a very long discussion about how badly it has gone downhill since the renos.

                1. re: yen

                  Thanks, yen! Looks like I'm not going there anytime soon. It's sad to lose such a great place.

                  1. re: aktivistin

                    It is. I loved it, but my last experience there was miserable, after a series of increasingly poor experiences. Ah well, hopefully at some point they get their act together, and someone is actually still around to try it :)

                2. re: aktivistin

                  Another vote for Diner Deluxe, great on so many levels...Can't say I've been to the Galaxie before, but I personally wouldn't rush back to the Belmont anytime soon. Way overpriced for what you get: poorly cooked eggs, way salty hashbrowns, and a pretty ho-hum menu (especially compared to Diner Deluxe)...IMO... Breakfast at the Coup on 17th can be really nice option. Great veggie and vegan stuff, tons of flavor, heavenly coffee (Oso Negro!) and not too pricey. Cadence Coffee in Bowness deserves a mention as well, nothing groundbreaking here, but good atmosphere, quality food and again, awesome coffee. Lastly, got to give a shout out to Take 10 cafe in Kensington. Spanish omelette w/ lotsa avocado, salsa and cheese!!

                  1. re: KcM

                    Belmont has almost comically huge portions, so I don't agree with what you say about its value. I just wish they where open for dinner as they were when they first opened- one of their "breakfast burritos" is great for a HUGE dinner but just too much food for breakfast.

                    The Coup is just excellent all around, agree there completely and Oso Negro is a great bean and they pull very good espresos there too. If you like the Coup, have you tried breakfast at Koi? Even better coffee (Big Mountain, Calgary's closest thing to JJ Beans in Van) and vibe, lots of veg options too,

                  2. re: aktivistin

                    we were just at siding cafe for a birthday brunch last weekend
                    the service was so ridiculous we could only be amused
                    i can't decide if my favourite moment was the blank stare when someone asked for a cafe au lait or when the server had to point and count the 5 of us (twice) before taking the orders
                    the food, however, was quite good
                    i just had fruit and yogurt - so tough to screw up, but the others seemed to be happy, 2 orders of bennie, one quiche, one grilled cheese and an order of mac and cheese; the mac and cheese was very good
                    but be warned - they have a breakfast and a lunch menu but if your party is bigger than 4 or 5 you all have to order from the same menu

                  3. re: formerlyfingers

                    I love Diner Deluxe! The food tastes fresh and the place has some serious character. If you go to Diner Deluxe, head next door and grab a loaf of delicious chocolate cranberry sourdough bread. That stuff is hard to come by and soooo good!

                  4. In Edmonton, check out the Upper Crust Cafe (109 St., and 87/86 Ave.). They're open Saturdays for breakfast from 9 onwards (or at least those used to be their hours; you might want to double-check). No grease, lots of good options, although of course I'm drawing a blank on specifics right now. All I can think about is their sticky toffee pudding (and this at 8:30 in the morning!).

                    There's also the High Level Diner (109 St., and 88 Ave.). The place is generally overhyped and overblown, but the breakfast is decent, and it's open at 8 in the morning.

                    - Lea

                    1. I usually have the eggs benny, and the best I've had are at Jacqueline Suzanne in Inglewood Calgary. Also Chez Francois in Canmore, famous for their eggs benny, almost as good, and not a tub of margarine in sight.

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                        I know this is an old thread but I didn't think I should make a new one - We ate at Chez Fracois in Canmore today for brunch. Had the eggs benny with back bacon and it was WONDERFUL!!!! The hollandaise sauce was the best I have ever had. Had a taste of lemon, butter and a touch of heat.....maybe white pepper?? The english muffins looked house made though could have been from a local baker (should have asked). They are served with fried potatoes and fruit. At $10.95 for two eggs it's not overly expensive either. We will definitely I wish they were in Calgary!!