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Jan 3, 2007 01:21 AM

high end lunch with veg*n options near Westwood

I'm looking for somewhere fairly high end (business lunch on someone else's dime) with vegan options (fine if they'll happily make up something, as long as they're trustworthy) within a few miles of Westwood Village.

I've seen a recommendation for this place: and will probably shoot for that if I don't find something better. Angelini Osteria sounds good, but probably a bit too far of a drive at that time of day. Most of the other places that sounded good (Mélisse, Josie, Grace) aren't open for lunch.

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  1. SPAGO
    VALENTINO (fri only)

    1. La Cachette is probably your best choice. The chef is very knowlegeable about vegan options.

      1. La Cachette sounds great. Thanks for the suggestions guys!