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Jan 3, 2007 01:20 AM

Rubios Bakery (= Guatemalan on La Brea)

Hi folks,

Haven't seen anything on this place, but I was in here for coffee early this morning, and it was so interesting looking, I hit it for a late breakfast later on. The folks behind the counter are from Guatemala (seem to remember people asking for Guatemalan recs).

From the outside, it looks like a tiny, unassuming panaderia squeezed into a typical stripmall, but then you see this hot food counter with a revolving set of dishes - I saw: chicken stew, eggs/chorizo, beans (w/ pork and w/o), pupusas, a big heap of chile rellenos (w/ minced beef and nice hot chilis), fried plantains, tamales w/ slivered vegetables mixed into the masa, stewed beef and natural-casing sausage; then later they had fried chicken, meatloaf w/ tomato salsa (!), and stewed green squash. Whew! They were rotating the dishes in and out as I was there, and seemed to be doing a brisk business (sort of required for me to eat from those counters, ya know?).

The array of pastries was good, and everything was fresh-looking. I just had an oreja (crispy and light) and coffee (stale - will have to re-try) and then a chili relleno plate later on, and wished I'd had more people w/ me to try more, but it's definitely going into the rotation - if only b/c it's one of the few (only?) coffee stops along the right side La Brea heading south toward the 10 freeway from Hollywood. Oh yeah - fresh melon agua fresca! mmmm.

There's also a Oaxacan place in the same stripmall that might be worth a look.

Rubios Bakery
4972 W. Pico Blvd. (southwest corner of Pico/La Brea)

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  1. Wow, this is so great. I live nearby and this is just what I've been looking for. Is it across from Lucy' that strip mall? That melon agua fresca sounds great. Thanks for the rec.

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      Yes - right across from Lucy's. Parking was easy today (not sure about normally). Buen provecho!