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Jan 3, 2007 12:48 AM

Mango in a fruit smoothie trouble

I've been making fruit smoothies with yougurt, ice, berries and bananas for breakfast to go in the car. Today I added sliced mango. By the time I drank it in the car about 5 minutes later, the whole thing had turned slimy and had the consistency of thin pudding. I couldn't really drink it out of the cup. It skeeved me out and I didn't drink it. What happened? Was it the mango? I don't know what else it would be since I make them every other morning without trouble.

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  1. Was the mango frozen or fresh when you put it in?

    1. It was a fresh mango. I just sliced it up and threw it in with the bananas and strawberries which were also fresh.

      1. I get mango smoothies all the time...but it's frozen mango.

        1. A mango puree is your best bet.

          1. I've made protein shakes with frozen mango, and not had that trouble. The frozen mango doubles as ice.

            You can, make your own puree in the f/p or blender.