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Mango in a fruit smoothie trouble

I've been making fruit smoothies with yougurt, ice, berries and bananas for breakfast to go in the car. Today I added sliced mango. By the time I drank it in the car about 5 minutes later, the whole thing had turned slimy and had the consistency of thin pudding. I couldn't really drink it out of the cup. It skeeved me out and I didn't drink it. What happened? Was it the mango? I don't know what else it would be since I make them every other morning without trouble.

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  1. Was the mango frozen or fresh when you put it in?

    1. It was a fresh mango. I just sliced it up and threw it in with the bananas and strawberries which were also fresh.

      1. I get mango smoothies all the time...but it's frozen mango.

        1. A mango puree is your best bet.

          1. I've made protein shakes with frozen mango, and not had that trouble. The frozen mango doubles as ice.

            You can, make your own puree in the f/p or blender.

            1. I make mango lassi's with fresh mango and have never had them go slimy.

              1. They might have been too ripe

                1. Have used fresh mango all the time, usually pretty ripe too. Never had that happen. Toasted coconut goes well with the banana mango smoothie...

                  1. Just to see if it would happen again, I made another one with mango this morning and id did the same thing. It is really strange. I use a vita mix so they are really pureed and smooth. I wonder if that makes a difference. I am going to buy some mango juice to use in the future.

                    1. A similar thing happened to me too, but I'm not quite sure if we're talking about the same thing. I had used mango (fresh, at room temperature) and just blend it with cold water. Within 5 to 10 minutes, the consistency changed and the mango puree separates and floats on top. I had to stir it again and gulp it down really fast before it did that again. Is that what you are referring to when you said it turned "slimy"?? I think it has to do with the density of the mango and water. If you use frozen mango and/or more ice cubes, your smoothy becomes much thicker, and the consistency won't change as quickly. But given time (like overnight - if you want to experiment), your frozen smoothie will still separate and consistency will still change. It just takes much longer because it's thicker & more dense. So if you want to make smoothie with fresh mango, just try using more ice cubes. Hope that helps.

                      1. I'll try adding more ice. But it wasn't so much that it separated as it almost became congealed. It was really gross.

                        1. Try with more ice first, otherwise, it'd be better using frozen mangoes. It works much better. Good luck

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                            Yep, a smoothie calls for frozen mango. In fact, I believe that most fruit in a smoothie should be frozen, except for maybe the banana. Mango juice is a good idea too, as it will not thicken the smoothie too much. It's fun to say smoothie.

                          2. Quite possibly the most exquisite mango on the planet is the Alphonso mango from India. The US does not allow Indian mangoes into the country, but you can buy the Alphonso mango pulp in any Indian grocery store in the US. Get the Ratna brand; it comes in a 30oz can. It is sweetened (although I don't know why, the Alphonso is amazingly sweet as is), but it has the best mango flavor you could add to your smoothie. I've made smoothies with the pulp before, and have never had the problem you describe. Good luck!

                            By the way, where can I get frozen mango in NYC?

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                              Whole Foods. Trader Joes, although I think they only have it in the summer.

                            2. I live in Mexico and usually have something similar for breakfast every day. In the winter when mangos are out of season I use frozen mango. I think you need to add a bit more liquid. I usually add fresh O.J. it does not distract from the mango flavor. I also usually add a raw egg white, for protein.

                              1. What variety of mango are you using? There are several varieties in available in the US and they vary greatly in flavor and texture.

                                1. Oh I am really curious why this happened to you, I make smoothies with fresh mango. I keep them in the fridge add milk ice and mix it with a smoothie mix, mostly egg whites, add banana strawberries or whatever. This gross transformation has not ever happened, thank goodness. weird.

                                  1. You know, I have seen something like this happen with blueberries in smoothies. With the wrong mix, it will literally start to congeal over the next half hour or so until it's a custard-like texture that refuses to flow any more.

                                    But here is the key part: I seem to have the problem only when I add banana AND blueberries to the same smoothie, so you may want to try leaving out the banana - there may be some kind of cross enzyme activity going on?

                                    I use mango fresh or frozen in smoothies all the time with no thickening issues. But, I don't mix banana with my mango smoothies as they are already thick and tropical enough from the mango. I'd be interested to know if this is the issue or not!