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Jan 3, 2007 12:44 AM

Huynh Vietnamese opening this week in Walnut Creek

Anyone familiar with their restaurant in Oakland? They are opening on Locust St. in Downtown WC within a few days. I walked by today and the menu looked intriguing - focused on interesting sauces and not just the typical Pho and the like. I will try it and report back...

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  1. Wow, those folks opened an upscale place in SF not too long ago. Ambitious.

    Looking forward to hearing about it!

    1. The last time I tried Huynh in Oakland, I wasn't impressed. In addition to being extremely salty, the dishes had way too much vinegar.

      1. I actually remember really liking this place when I first tried it not long after it opened (maybe 4-5 years ago?). Unfortunately, my two visits in the last year have been disappointments. I agree with rightstar; most dishes have WAY too much vinegar, which is weird. Maybe they're a spreading themselves too thin?

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          I like Huynh in Oakland, haven't had the vinegar problem, but then again I tend to focus on a few dishes, such as (not proper name) beef with saffron rice and spring rolls.

          1. re: Nathan Landau

            i was at the grand opening for the new huynh restaurant in wc. The place was packed. We were recommended the Ga Saigon and the pan fried fish filet with ginger sauce.The food was extremely tasty and the service was great. The only problem we had with the service was that iw was a little slow.

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              Ga Saigon is my absolute favorite dish and have it weekly in Oakland. Where in Walnut Creek is the new restaurant?

              1. re: michele_corum

                i think the place is located on locust st.

        2. Went to Huynh in WC last night on a whim. It was a Tuesday night and it wasn't very crowded. The interior is quite nice, though nowhere nearly as chic as the recently departed Three Seasons. At first glance, the food seemed pricy- entrees from 14-18 dollars with a 5 dollar surcharge if you get any of the dishes with sea bass. Rice was a 1.50 extra. The table (with very tasteful place settings, I might add) was too small to hold all of the plates and serving dishes. This is a problem in many other similar restaurants where the oversized serving dishes leave one jockeying for space! Service was gracious, but a little spotty. The food, however, was GREAT. We got shrimp and vegetables in a lemongrass sauce, shrimp in a coconut curry sauce and beef and eggplant in a spicy shrimp sauce. All three were cooked to perfection- the meat and seafood was tender while the vegetables had just the right amount of snap. Also, there was surprisingly little grease. Once they get the initial kinks worked out, this restaurant has the potential of being great. I'd definitely go back!

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            Have you been back yet? Has anyone tried R&J Noodle Place, which opened in November? It was briefly mentioned in the link to the CC Times below and mentions they have bahn mi. Anyone had the bahn mi?

            Here's the reiview of Huynh in the CC Times.

          2. Here's a thread on R&J. Good place:

            I haven't tried Huynh yet. Maybe today.