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Jan 3, 2007 12:31 AM


I love chocolate cupcakes with fudgy chocolate icing - but all too often disappointed. Where do you get a good, dense, fudgy cupcake? Please dont send me to the cupcake shop at Young and Eglinton.

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    1. re: deelicious

      Thanks for the link, looks like cupcake preferences vary widely and one person's perfect find is bland and boring to another! Still, I saw nothing on that chain about fudgey chocolate icing, so the search continues...

      1. re: kasey j miller

        I haven't found any that I can't live without. That other thread had many supporters of "Eat My Words" -- and I finally had their cupcakes at a Channukah party I was at. And I thought the cupcakes were okay (and I mean okay) but the icing was just gross. They were highly decorated and looked lovely, but the icing was way too sugary to be made with butter. Had to be shortening, if only to hold the weight of the decorations. They had lovely sugar flowers, marzipan insects... just gorgeous. But not terribly tasty to me.

        Sorry I can't help with the "good, dense, fudgy cupcake". But I'd be interested if you find one.

    2. I agree The Cupcake Shoppe sucks.

      1. Have you tried the chocolate cupcakes at Dufflets? It's really more of a mini cake than a cupcake. By that I mean it's a small piece of dense chocolate cake with a very chocolatey frosting that is more like an icing (rather than a fluffy piece of air with a nasty crisco frosting). Not as good as homemade, but will fill a chocolate craving in a pinch.

        I should mention that the quality of these cupcakes varies widely. Sometimes they are quite dry, other times they are moister. Try and get one from the Dufflet's store on Queen West.