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Ideas for portable, healthy breakfast?

I'm getting tired of hardboiled egg + soy sausage, which is my usual take-to-work breakfast. I prefer savory to sweet, so the yogurt and oatmeal thing isn't really for me. Any ideas for portable, savory and healthy breakfasts besides my usual?


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  1. Breakfast burrito. You can make it the night before, wrap completly in foil and reheat in the morning. I put scrambled eggs and cheese in mine, but you can put the soy sausage in too, or veggies or anything else you fancy. It's good to have a little bottle of hot sauce in your desk at work, or in your purse too.

    1. i don't know how healthy this is, but it sure tastes great...

      pesto, egg, tomato and provolone cheese on ciabatta. :o)

      1. Vegetarian Corn Dogs. Ultimate portability -- on a stick!

        1. Lightly salted almonds; celery and natural peanut butter; low-fat
          mozz cheese sticks are pretty good too. Recently read about Polenta squares (you'd make them the night before)...it is so funny how for years, my (ex) mother in law cooked cornmeal mush for FIL and now it's quite the boutique food item!!!

          1. Egg salad made w/ whites and low fat mayo on whole wheat toast/sccoped bagel.

            Low fat cream cheese and lox on a whole wheat bagel or whole wheat pita, or rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla, with tomatoes, onions, and capers.

            Scooped bagel sprinkled with low fat mozzarella, toasted until melted then filled w/ salsa, and cottage cheese if desired for extra protein.

            Pre-made grilled garlic veggies or ratatouille w/ feta cheese.

            Black beans, low fat cheese, salsa and avocado mixed with a whole wheat tortilla if desired.

            You could do a savory couscous salad too w/ sundried tomatoes, low fat cheese or chicken, low fat dressing, etc.

            1. I must be a frittata freak...if you make one with lots of veggies - asparagus, roasted red bell pepper - and your soy sausage, it is healthy, a slice is portable, and perfect on a slice of bread. You can make it with real eggs or egg beaters or a mix thereof, and you can vary your flavors....and if you make one at the head of the week, you have a few days of breakfasts pre-made and sliced.

              Or - a whole wheat tortilla with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and a slice of deli turkey rolled up.

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                I actually tried this today with eggbeaters, lo-cheese and lo-fat ham lunchmeat, and made them in muffin tins. Perfect size, and very portable. Just nuke it for 30 seconds and you've got breakfast :)

              2. English muffins with eggs and sausage and cheese. use egg beaters, turkey sausage, and no fat cheese...not bad

                1. Both oatmeal and yogurt can be savory. You can make savory oatmeal cakes. There was a thread not long ago about savory oatmeal. You can just cut up cucumbers into plain yogurt. Good, plain yogurt or kefir is wonderful by itself. Also there arre millet cakes, salmon cakes, any kind of fish cake prepared ahead of time.

                  1. Have you seen the Egg Toaster? Makes an egg, toasts the bread and heats the ham or meat all in one step. It may be another silly counter top clutterer but I am interested in peoples opinions about it.
                    Plain yogurt is very good, an aquired taste for some but great for mixing and dipping.

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                      I've seen ads for it and honestly I don't have any use for the Egg Toaster except as a gag gift. I already have a toaster, I can poach an egg with my eyes closed... sorry just seems silly to me.

                    2. corriander cottage cheese! - throw some fresh tomatoes and corriander into the blender ( for a kick add fresh green chilli) whizz it up and add it to cottage cheese and season with salt and pepper - its great on its own or with savory oat crakers (and marmite if you like it!) - seriously tasty, satisfying and super healthy.

                      1. How about a homemade California Roll?

                        1. If I say "baked Tofu" you might get the wrong impression, but it looks like you're in California, and probably can find this brand of Soy chicken made in Taiwan. It is not like the western idea of baked tofu, or bean curd. The brand name is Dahher. It's packaged with two thick sticks to a pack. They are dark brown in color (cooked in soy sauce). These are very basic, no strange chemical taste, and slices nicely to be finger food. For me, one piece, about 5 inches long, cut up into slices, sprinkled with some balsamic vinegar or Chinese black vinegar, some toasted pine nuts, and if you want the extra savory bite, a tiny amount of parmaggiano reggiano, black pepper. Easily prepared the night before, and gives you a good clean energy boost in the morning, or as a mid afternoon snack. They are already cooked, so you can just eat them as is, too.

                          1. I like corn bread a lot, which would probably be pretty good with a hard boiled egg and a slice of cheddar.