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Jan 2, 2007 11:54 PM

ISO recipe for Shrimp Balls

I like something with a slight springy texture, a little resistance when you bite into the shrimp ball. I don't have a clue how to achieve this, but if someone has a good recipe I could start there. I suppose this could be an appetizer recipe, or something to serve as part of a rice dish? There are recipes online, but I'd like to start with something already tried, or recommended, here. Thanks very much!

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  1. The easiest shrimp ball recipe I know calls for one part fish paste (get it at the fresh fish counter at any Asian market, it looks either dull pink or light brown depending on what's in it) and one part chopped shrimp. It's hard to form it into perfect balls. I usually just scoop some up with one spoon and scrape it into boiling water with a second spoon.

    You can add chopped cilantro, white pepper, salt, etc.