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Jan 2, 2007 11:51 PM

Gen Ramen, Fremont is closed

I went by Gen Ramen for lunch. It is closed as in closed up shop, cease to exist. When did this happen? Melanie?

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  1. I spoke to them a while ago about their notice in Japanese which said that they would be closing. They said that they will be moving to Sunnyvale or Mountain View, although they hadn't found a spot yet. In Gen's place, another Japanese ramen shop will be opening there in Feb. It will be a franchise from Japan - I think it's Ajisen, but I don't recall which one it was with certainty.

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      Thanks for the word, alice. Gen was opened by the owner of Masas Sushi in Mountain View. Should he still be involved, he might be a contact for follow-up.

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        Yep you're right Alice, it is Ajisen. Apparently there's one in San Gabriel in Southern Cal. This is a Japanese chain but apparently it is cropping up mostly in places like Hong Kong, maybe Taiwan and China. So no doubt they will attract Chinese expat crowds as well as others, customers and waitstaff (which will make this place look like a Chinese run ramen restaurant).

        I'm hearing it will be open very soon.

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          I heard they'll be open by the end of March.