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Where to get leaf lard in Merrimack valley?

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  1. Dio, my neighbor CLAIMS to have gotten leaf lard from Haverhill Beef for making cretons. I think they're right on River St, so they might be worth a call/drive.

    Last year I bought leaf lard online as well as other products from Flying Pigs farm (they're in NY)but I don't know if you want to try that. If you do, the address is www.flyingpigsfarm.com.

    Good luck!

    1. Haverhill Beef no longer carries leaf lard. If I were going to point you in a direction, I would say try an oriental market.

      1. Info is right, my neighbor lied....maybe some Hispanic markets, too, might have it?

        It's a slow work day so I called my foodie buddy down the hall and though this isn't the Merrimack Valley, apparently there's a farm that sells fresh leaf lard and other good stuff not too far away--

        Blood Farm
        94 West Main Street (aka route 225)

        1. I am not sure if this is "legal" or not, but I have some extra leaf lard (rendered and non) that I could part with. I think we are both in the Boston area? drop me an email if you want to discuss: blueblankness@yahoo.com

          1. Blood Farm does sell leaf lard as well as many other excellent meats. I got a huge bag of lard from them about a month ago, I think they charge less then $1 per pound so my big bag costed around $5. We are regulars there and have found everything to be of outstanding quality.

            1. Twist of Fate Farm in Dunbarton, NH (a little west of Manchester) has frozen packages of leaf lard @ 49 cents a pound. Pork sausage, beef, turkey, rabbit, and fresh eggs too. Well worth the trip.