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Jan 2, 2007 11:34 PM

Where to get leaf lard in Merrimack valley?


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  1. Dio, my neighbor CLAIMS to have gotten leaf lard from Haverhill Beef for making cretons. I think they're right on River St, so they might be worth a call/drive.

    Last year I bought leaf lard online as well as other products from Flying Pigs farm (they're in NY)but I don't know if you want to try that. If you do, the address is

    Good luck!

    1. Haverhill Beef no longer carries leaf lard. If I were going to point you in a direction, I would say try an oriental market.

      1. Info is right, my neighbor lied....maybe some Hispanic markets, too, might have it?

        It's a slow work day so I called my foodie buddy down the hall and though this isn't the Merrimack Valley, apparently there's a farm that sells fresh leaf lard and other good stuff not too far away--

        Blood Farm
        94 West Main Street (aka route 225)

        1. I am not sure if this is "legal" or not, but I have some extra leaf lard (rendered and non) that I could part with. I think we are both in the Boston area? drop me an email if you want to discuss:

          1. Blood Farm does sell leaf lard as well as many other excellent meats. I got a huge bag of lard from them about a month ago, I think they charge less then $1 per pound so my big bag costed around $5. We are regulars there and have found everything to be of outstanding quality.