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Jan 2, 2007 11:34 PM

free range, "no-kill" eggs in LA county

I don't currently eat eggs, but I'd like to start eating them occasionally.

Please read the following 3 points carefully before responding.... I'm looking for eggs in the Los Angeles area which are:

* From vegetarian, cage-free / free range hens
* From a source which doesn't kill any of their chickens for meat (or when they've exhausted their egg-producing capabilities)
* Ideally, from a source which doesn't kill male chicks

I'm sure I can find eggs which meet the first criterion at the farmers market and at Whole Foods, but I'm not sure about the rest, and it's always hard to verify the claims on boxes etc. I don't really need a large quantity of eggs (I'm guessing something like a half dozen every couple of weeks).

I live in Los Angeles (the city, on the East side), so preferably something not too far out.

I'm guessing the most likely source would be someone who has chickens as pets or keeps a few around, and had some extra eggs they could sell me occasionally.

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  1. I would start first at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. There are several egg vendors, some of whom sell at the same stand. Lilly's stand out because the diet is supplements with sprouts that make the eggs super-tasty. Some of the farmer's also have a few chickens and they have terrific eggs.

    I would assume that Kendor is out because they also sell chickens, most likely candeling for male chicks.

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    1. re: JudiAU

      I've seen the ones at the farmers market, but I assume most farms like that also kill chickens for meat, no?

      1. re: will47

        I thought the same thing-doesn't EVERY egg farm kill their chickens at some point? Otherwise I'd think there would a very large number of chickens being feed until they die of old age.

        1. re: Scotty

          Right. That's why (as mentioned in the original post) I'm guessing I'll have more luck with a person or farm who keeps chickens as more of a hobby (or at least a labor of love) than purely for profit.

    2. You may have luck at Gelson's.. It's worth asking. Perhaps Whole foods, Erewhon, or some similar market?

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      1. re: Diana

        I don't think anyone who works at Gelson's (or Whole Foods etc.) is probably going to know something like that for sure. I'm hoping for dealing directly with the person who has the chickens.

        1. re: will47

          Trust me, the people at Gelson's know. Maybe not the floor people or the cashier,mayeb not even the manager, but the manager can easily find out. They're into service there, and every market knows full details on what they sell.

      2. Check with Wild Oats (there is one in Pasadena, SW corner of California and Lake)

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          1. I second Lily's at the famer's market. They have a variety of free range/vegetarian and fertile eggs, and are happy to discuss their egg producing. I asked when I first started buying eggs with them, but don't remember all the details, because my issues were different.

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            1. re: foleydog

              Sound pretty good, but from what I can tell from here:
              they do kill some chickens for meat, and there's no discussion of what they do with the male chicks.

              I did find a source (unfortunately in Indiana, though) for eggs from a farm that supposedly doesn't kill their chickens.


              Shipping them is, of course, a somewhat tricky proposition, since they can get broken if handled too roughly, but the owner has been very helpful about re-shipping if the order gets damaged. This is obviously not as good as finding a local source in terms of the carbon footprint, but that's a trade-off I'm willing to make.