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Jan 2, 2007 11:27 PM

Jury duty in Jamaica and desperate

I'm stuck with jury duty on a longish trial and am hoping for some tasty food to redeem these wasted days. The pickings looked slim walking about today. Any hounds care to help me out?

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  1. there's a decent Trinidadian roti shop a few blocks down, right by the LIRR station. Even though it's cold out, be sure and try the Mauby drink.

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    1. re: Andrew Hyatt

      Thanks. I think I found the place you're talking about (on Sutphin a block up from LIRR?) and its closed. An incense peddler directed me to another spot around the corner where I got a very respectable stewed oxtail dish. There was a promising looking curried goat on the menu that wasn't ready when I got there. Maybe I'll come back for it after I try El Coyote.

    2. Go to EL COYOTE - a little Mexican treasure.
      Question - which courthouse?
      If the Sutphin courts, walk half a block to the F subway stop - EL COYOTE is the last stop on the F train. EXIT towards to the southside, the place is on the northside of HILLSIDE.
      Great lunch menu,dirt cheap with fresh salsa and chips free.
      Bring some friends and have guacamole - better than Rosa M and half the price - quite an event with expert presentation.
      Friendly Mexican service for us gringos.
      BTW,on the lunch menu,v. boring I often order ITEM 21 Mexican style chicken..only 5.75$ - just delicious.