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Jan 2, 2007 11:18 PM

Oakland Jack London Square - Gio's on the Go?

Has anyone tried this place?

It was opened by one of the former owner's of Orsi's who also is a part-owner of Pier 15 in San Rafael. He makes his own prosciutto at Pier 15 and it was very good. Don't know if it is the same at Gio's.

There's a couple of positive mentions on the web ... while the panininis were note-worthy, a report on the burger said to skip it. In nice weather they have an outdoor BBQ and grill brats.

Sorry if this might be a duplicate, but I can't find the original post ... I might have been deleted for quoting too much from a blog that gushed and had a delicious looking picture of the sandwich.

Anyway, any Chowhound tried Gio's?

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  1. Just in case it was a link problem, I broke this out into a separate post so the whole topic doesn't need to be deleted. I'm really interested in Gio's for next time I'm in the JLS area. Hope there are some positive reports.

    Anyway, this exhaustive burger blog that I won't quote from this time around has a picture and review about Gio's waaaay at the bottom. Some great reviews of Bay Area burgers too with pictures.