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Jan 2, 2007 11:18 PM

A moderately-priced London meal for catching up with an old friend?

Like the title suggests, I'll be in London soon for a short while and have a dinner planned with an old friend. I'd love to go to a place where it is quiet enough to chat, but not so stuffy that we can't share a bottle or two of good wine and laugh loudly. Open to all cuisines.


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  1. i've a friend i don't see so often and we usually end up at joe allen's for late lunch. on exeter street near covent garden.

    1. I second the JA idea

      I was there for an agreeable lunch recently. Nothing spectacular but ask for the burger which is not listed on the menu

      On the same day I also visited another old London stalwart, Gordon's wine Bar on Villiers St ( near Embankment tube) That's another perfect place to hang out with a friend and drink a couple of bottles

      Hope this helps


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        that's funny, we usually head to Gordon's after JA too!