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Jan 2, 2007 11:14 PM

Place to eat near Muir Woods

We will be visiting Muir Woods around lunchtime and need a good family restaurant recommendation.

Also, our plan was to visit Golden Gate Park and Muir Woods within one day. Is that possible? Any "don't miss" recs?


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    1. re: HoneybeeSF

      Agreed - it's wonderful having a hearty british meal & pint(s) there after a hike in Muir Woods/Mt. Tam, and the Inn is very quaint. Although I've had lunch in their bar area many times, I've never eaten at their "proper" restaurant, as 1) I'm not usually there around dinnertime, and 2) it looks very pricey.

      The Main Trail loop at Muir Woods takes a couple of hours at a slow pace, so I don't see why you couldn't combo that with a visit to Golden Gate Park in the same day if you wanted to. Personally though I'd rather spend a leisurely day in Marin - have breakfast in Sausalito (I have no recs there, sorry), walk around downtown Sausalito, go to Muir Woods and hike the Main Trail, drive to the top of Mt. Tamalpais and walk around East Peak (0.5mi round-trip), then eat at the Pelican Inn.

    2. We are making our first trip there this summer, is that a full day you mention all those things in Marin? Also, what else can you tell me about to do in Marin?

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      1. re: woonsocket

        That list above is pretty much a full day. There is also "West Marin", which is Hwy 1, shoreline and nearby. From Muir Woods you can drive "back" a bit to near the Pelican Inn and continue on Hwy 1 to Stinson Beach (beach town) and on out and up the coast to Point Reyes, Olema, Pt. Reyes Station, Tomales Bay and the town of Tomales, Bodaga Bay, etc. You can come back from the coast several places instead of going all the way to Bodega Bay, and wind up in Farifax and other points in central Marin or further north (like Petaluma in Sonoma county which has much good food).. Get a map of the area to orient yourself, and do some searching here.

      2. You could spend some time in Sausalito shopping and gallery hopping on your way to Muir Woods.

        1. Sitting in a restaurant on a beautiful day is not going to stack up to a picnic. I'm going to take a swing at a specific action plan:

          1. Stop by Greens at Fort Mason for a pastry and coffee - sit in the beautiful dining room at the cost of a cup of joe - it's the best dining room view in the city.

          2. If you're there on a Thursday or a Sunday, 9 - 1pm, stop by the Marin Civic Center - a Frank Lloyd Wright project - and shop for some food at the farmers market. The bread, fruit, and cheese you'll find here beats most restaurant fare by a mile - and there's prepared food too.

          3. Stopping at a grocery store, or a place like Moilnari Delicatessen and filling a backpack with delectables - now you're talking.....

          1. Right after is Muir Woods is Stinson Beach, super beautiful. There is a cozy family style restaurant right in Stinson Beach that has never let me down. You can take a walk along the beach after.


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            1. re: Lori SF

              Thanks for the reminder about Parkside Cafe. Their website has a nice map of the area under Directions.