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Jan 2, 2007 11:03 PM

Great soup?

I just had a a wisdom tooth pulled and I thought this would be a great time to educate myself on soup in New Orleans (this is my first winter here, so it was time anyway).

Any recommendations? I'm mostly looking for not too fancy but I'm interested in all suggestions... and if for any reason you can recommend soft foods other than soup, I would love to hear that too.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. La Crepe Nanou on Robert Street and Prytania has great soups. I especially like their pureed soups. Had split pea last week and it was the best part of the meal.

    1. Here's my highly personal list of faves--
      --pho tai bo vien from Pho Dahn inside the Hong Kong Market on Behrman Highway
      --tom kha from Siamese Thai on Vets in Metairie
      --black bean soup at Pupuseria La Macarena
      --ochazuke w/salmon from Horinoya (rice w/green tea poured over, so it seems like a soup to me)
      --bun bo hue from Pho Tau Bay on Westbank Epwy in Gretna
      --sopa de mariscos (sp?) from RioMar, S. Peters @ Julia
      --menudo from Christy's in Gretna (only on the weekends)
      --matzo ball soup from Kosher Cajun on Severn in Metairie
      In the now-departed, but still-missed category: house special ramen at Yutaro, lentil/tamarind soup from Peacock Indian, and sweet potato/andouille bisque from New City Diner. I'm sure there are a bunch of new joints offering menudo, posole, etc. Sorry, no gumbo references...I'm a firm believer in homemade.

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        A few more for the list:
        --Casamento's oyster milk stew
        --Jamilla's crawfish bisque (or chorba, if they have it as a special)
        --Horinoya's miso (their dashi is noticably richer than most)

      2. Pho at Tanh Dinh. Chicken or beef.

        I agreen homemade gumbo is probably best, but for transplants like me, I take what I can get: gumbo at Crabby Jack's, Coop's, or Casamento's.

        DH swears by the shrimp stew at Liuzza's by the Track on Fridays.

        I also like the lentil soup from Lebanon's. Mona's is good, too.

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          1. Little Tokyo on Causeway in Metairie has an eel and tofu soup that I really dig. It's pretty cheap too.