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Jan 2, 2007 11:01 PM

Dad's 70th Birthday This Friday

Hi All,

I'm taking my parents out on Friday night for my Dad's 70th and need reservations (yes, I realize it's a bit late). They'll be staying in midtown but any area in Manhattan is game. Price isn't really a factor but they won't be comfortable if I spend "Per Se"-esque money on them and I think we'd all prefer friendly, comfortable service to anything stuffy.

Dad's favorite cuisine is Italian but he's not a very adventurous eater. He doesn't eat pork or fish/seafood of any kind, so ideally the menu would have some simple beef, chicken, veal and pasta dishes. Good old American cuisine is also an option.

I've taken them to Da Umberto, Cookshop and Mr. K's, among others. Barbuto was less of a hit - we went on Sunday and the menu was limited.

Places I think he'd like: Peasant, Heath, Del Posto. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nice Matin on the UWS is great - their fava tortelloni are to die for. Also on the UWS, 'Cesca is consistent and delicious.

    1. Knickerbocker? Good steak and comfortible.

      1. Hearth is an excellent choice. I think there's enough seemingly traditional fare on the menu to satisfy your dad's taste. Excellent wine is in abundance and the food is quite memorable. I have always been treated very well there.

        1. I was going to suggest The Knickerbocker also, which seems to please everyone we go with. Their t-bone steak is fabulous and so is everything else. Prices are reasonable. It feels professonal and grown-up, yet not stuffy. Menu is varied enough for every taste.

          1. I definitely recommend Hearth, although it's been a while since I've gone. The food was simple (i.e., nothing too exotic or spicy) but prepared very well. Excellent service too.