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Jan 2, 2007 10:48 PM

Benjamin Steak House or Wolfgangs?

Any thoughts?

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  1. I took my Dad to Wolfgang's (the Midtown one) for his 60th birthday last year and we all thought it was great (except for the 30-45 minute wait to be seated with a reservation on a Monday night). He's still talking about it 6 months later. Still haven't been to Luger's so I can't compare, but if Luger's is what it's cracked up to be, it will be a hell of a steak after Wolfgang's.

    1. Try Benjamin's - they are serving the best porterhouse in the city. The place is flying a bit under the radar now so the crowds are light and the service is excellent.

      For a full run down on the best of NYC steak houses, see my post in the Steak House section of the NYC chowhound boards.


      1. i read it...great post...

        benjamins looks great and the space looks fantastic

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          Any other reports on Benjamin's?

          The choices for our 2 day trip to NYC in September are also coming down to Benjamin's and Wolfgang's. Both seem to offer a great menu and a good-looking room. And, I can make reservations from the UK well in advance through Open Table.


          1. re: Brit on a Trip

            Tho Wolfgang's is a high quality enterprise - i am steadfast in my belief that Benjamin's is serving the best porterhouse on the Island. There Bacon is also tops.

            I strongly suggest checking out Blair-Perrone on 2nd ave and about 47th st - they are another luger's offshoot. Very, very fine Porterhouse.

            - the head

            1. re: fukhed

              I've been to Benjamins for lunch a few times. I have yet to be impressed. Indeed it is a beautiful space. As far as the steak is concerned, I'm not enough of a steak person to opine on it. However, sides and other entrees leave a lot to be desired. I was terribly unimpressed with their veal milanese - which I think is a non-steak staple in a steakhouse. Their creamed spinach was nothing to call home about. Everything comes with a lousy side of mixed steamed veggies and mashed potatoes. Which I think is weird. Steakhouses are a la carte - no?

              However, their homemade schlag is orgasmic. I would go for the schlag alone.

              My steakhouse preference is Pietros. Their steak for two is outrageous. Their half and half is amazing. Their creamed spinach is like nothing else. And you can also get outstanding italian dishes as well - lobster fra diavlo, veal milanese, veal saltimbocca. If you ever do go to Pietro's - make sure you get the chopped salad and ask for a side of roqufeort dressing. You wont be the same after eating it.