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Jan 2, 2007 10:43 PM

Richmond (sort of off San Pablo) - Independant Wings N Things BBQ & Soul Food

Only saw one mention of this place on the web ... not Yelp ... which says it has the best fried chicken and fish as well as delicious pies and cakes.

So I'm having a Burger King double cheeseburger at the BK on San Pablo around El Cerrito ... doing my best to avoid all things delicious and interesting. I notice Carlson Avenue runs in back which is a short cut home, but I've never hooked onto it this far down.

On 1305 Carleson is a little place that had a sign reading "BBQ" and "Soul Food Sunday".

I gotta stop because ... well ... I'd be thinking about it. Might as well get it over and see what's there.

There's a brick bbq with an iron door, but they said they mainly make soul food and only fire up the BBQ occasionally ... no set schedule.

I won't be going there, but thought I'd pass it along for anyone interested in the area. What's a New Year's resolution except to be broken, eh?

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