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Jan 2, 2007 10:41 PM

What's the most indulgent thing you ate/drank over the holidays?

I just did a mental calculation, and I'm pretty sure I ate over 2 lbs. of cheese in the last 2 weeks, including a half wheel of Cowgirl's Red Hawk, at least 6 ounces of this amazingly pungent and oozy Taleggio, and throw in some Brie de Meaux and assorted blue cheeses in the mix as well. This is not to mention all the wine and bubbly I washed it down with.

So please, make me fell better... what did all you 'Hounds out there indulge in over the holidays?

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  1. Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate fudge sauce and "Sam's Serious Egg Nog," that has been discussed at length on the Outer Boroughs board. Worth every calorie but now ...

    1. For an appetizer I shucked and pickled fresh oysters. Then minced cucumber and tossed with Mirin & salt. I then placed the cucumber mixture in the oyster shells, added the pickled oysters and then topped each with a dollop of truffle honey. Obviously I was drunk when I came up with this combination, but it actually turned out fabulous.

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        That is incredible. Did you shuck the oysters while drunk too? Even more incredible.

      2. I ate super-garlicky aioli by the spoonful with a seafood soup. And I had some as breakfast the next morning slopped on bread. I don't even want to think about how much wine I drank!

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        1. re: houndgirl

          Is there any other way to eat garlicky aioli? I might even have a customized spoon, somewhere between a tablespoon and a quarter cup...

        2. Leper...where did you get the truffle honey? Sounds great, but on oysters wouldn't be my first choice!

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          1. re: houndgirl

            Houngirl, You can get truffle honey at most high end grocery stores. (Whole Foods, etc.) Pickled oysters have a more firm texture than fresh oysters. I know it sounds weird, but the truffle honey worked very well with cucumber/oyster mixture. (The French Laundry serves their fresh oysters on the shell with tapioca which I have yet to try.)

          2. A real lot of the now famous Bacon Brittle. EEECCCHHHHH, I threw out the remaining pieces today. My teeth will never be the same!

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            1. re: missclaudy

              This is probably a lame question, but I have to ask... what exactly is Bacon Brittle??

              1. re: adroit_minx

                A simple answer just won't do it justice - you must read the the the thread:

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  You're absolutely right, no simple answer for that one... and I can totally imagine plowing through about a half pound of the stuff before I realize I'll hurl if I look at another piece. Thanks for the link! :)