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Jan 2, 2007 10:40 PM

tangerines vs. clementines

i'm planning to make the nigella clementine cake, BUT, since i have a bag of tangerines, i'm thinking to use those instead. a quick search shows them to be essentially interchangeable. but having never eaten a clementine, i'm not certain. anybody?

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  1. Clementines are tangerines, I'm pretty sure. They tend to be a bit sweeter than the variety sold as just "tangerines", at least when I get them from the farmer's market.

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    1. re: Diana

      I think of tangerines as a bit bigger than clementines, though I've not googled it - I'd just make sure you weigh them before making the cake.

    2. Tangerines and clementines are mandarin orange cultivars. Tangerines are redder and, more of a potential problem for you, tend to contain more seeds than clementines, many of which are seedless. The flavour is similar, though I find tangerines a little tarter and more assertive. Assuming you can seed them or choose seedless sections, tangerines should work fine in your recipe.

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        i can dig out the pips after cooking the fruit. i guess i'll just up the sugar, as in the meyer lemon alternate recipe...

      2. As far as the recipe's concerned, you can use either. You can even use oranges or lemons, though the skins on those are more bitter and will make a cake that's not as fragrant or tasty.

        I just made one with meyer lemons and really liked it--the first thing I've made where I prefer meyers over eurekas. There's hope for me yet!

        1. You can substitute pretty much any citrus in that recipe -- the original recipe uses oranges, and I've been making it with Meyer lemons. I bet it would be delicious with a thin-skinned grapefruit as well. Just substitute pound-for-pound (and don't worry too much about being precise -- a couple of ounces over a pound is okay.

          1. hotoynoodle, I'm facing the same dilemma. How did it work out?