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Nice restaurant for business breakfast meeting in/near Culver City?

Any suggestions for business breakfast meeting around 8:30 am during the week. Immediate surrounding areas ok. Thanks in advance.

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          Can you be more specific? Fancy b'fast? outdoors OK?

        2. Business meeting - people will probably be in suits not sure about ties. Need to find something more upscale than a bakery type restaurant. If weather reasonable and not near noisy street outdoors would be OK. Not looking for heavy breakfast foods, just good breakfast options, good coffee, juice, etc. They will need to be able to sit comfortably and talk.

          The meeting is middle of next week, so please bring on any ideas asap. I am not that familiar with that area.

          Many thanks.

          1. Ambience-wise, Overland Cafe probably fits the bill. But I think Dijonaise and Bluebird have better food. Bluebird may be too casual for you, plus the tables are a bit small and close together. Dijonaise sometimes gets loud inside, and their outside area is just off of Washington.

            1. I'd reco Cafe Laurent - they have a cute outdoor patio and great food. Address: 4243 Overland Ave.

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                are they open at 8:30am? I guess I think of it more as a lunch place.

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                  Service is notoriously rude. I have been disappointed every time. However, I wanted to give them the benefit of doubt...because the decor and courtyard cafe are so charming. I went back four times, just hoping I had been there on off days. But unfortunately, the same woman (owner perhaps) was always there and always snippy to the customers. Once, the courtyard was nearly empty. Only one other table of people, but when we asked if we could sit at a more scenic table farther from the street, she abrubtly refused. They were out of the dish we ordered and she acted very moody about it, as if it were our fault. No matter how nice and polite you were to her, you got icy attitude. So disappointing because I love their beautiful courtyard. However, I am no longer willing to risk taking my guests and business associates there to be mistreated. Bluebird Cafe and the Rose Cafe have charming outdoor courtyards and far superior service.

                  Cafe Laurent
                  4243 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230

                2. Yes, I've been there for breakfast a few times -- before work @ 8 AM. Unless thier hours changed...

                  1. Thanks very much for your help.