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My NYC friends and I are going to Port St Lucie towards the end of this month. We are looking for any recs in the driveable area, that we could have nice meals at. I am a total NYC foodie, and am looking for fellow chowhound help! ;) We are down for everything from cheap bang for your bucks to nicer restaurants. I know the area has been developing a lot more recently and I have already looked at the past bulletins, but I am hoping someone can make some more recent recs (all the bulletins are dated a year or older). Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. My mother lives there, I can't wait to hear what responses you get, because we never eat anywhere except the dreaded chains.

    1. Seriously! All I saw down there last time I was visiting was Outback, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday, Chili's, etc! I remember there was one wings place that was sort of fun - multiple flavors - but I can't remember the name...

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        Hurricane Grill and Wings; but AFAIK there isn't one in PSL. The closest is a newer location in Palm City: 2355 SW Martin Hwy, Palm City, 34990 (772) 781-4295.

        I found the raspberry to be too sweet -- basically wings covered in jam. But if they have the spicy raspberry, that's awesome. Also the honey garlic, teriyaki, etc. etc. The wings are small and extras like bleu cheese and celery are a bit steep, but if you get a sampler of a bunch of different flavors they're good.

        Also in PSL, I recommend Bistro Madeleine for breakfast, a greasy-spoon French diner. Brie on everything, massive omelettes, best monte cristos around.

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          yes, that's the wings place! is bistro madeleine in palm city? i love monte cristos!

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            I've only been to the Palm City location, but I'm pretty sure there is another location in St. Lucie West. Someone confirmed it's still open in another thread here. (I moved out of the area over a year ago.)

            Their secret is the French toast -- OMG it's out of this world. :-D

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            FYI yes there is many new Hurricane Grills here on the Treasure Coast

        2. Every time I see this post....I respond with this.
          You'll love it!

          1. I just remembered this place which is a lot of fun.

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              http://www.conchyjoes.com/ just the updated link, guess they removed the FL, and yes it's a lot of fun.

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                I've been to Conchy Joe's dozens of times since mid 80s. It is fun for a drink and appetizers or maybe the raw bar, maybe. It is a fun place serving acceptable bar food. I will be there again this spring but it is far from a dining destination.

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                    I completely agree, too! CJ's has tons of atmosphere and not very good food. Definitely go for drinks, though.

            2. My folks are down there, and yes, unfortunately, way too many chain restaurants. However, there a few good eats: Conchy Joe's--delicious and a lot of fun (raeggae bands on the weekends), 11 Maple (never been but have heard such great things), and El Cubanito (inexpensive home style Cuban). Enjoy!

              1. I agree on Conchy Joe's. It's in Jensen Beach, near Port St. Lucie. Have the conch chowder and get mango plantains as a side dish. Also, try to get a table near the water.

                I hesitate to recommend a bagel place to New Yorkers, but if you are near Tradition Square in PSL, grab a bite at Bagel Brothers of New York. The matzoball soup is great. The only downsides are the nova spread (too light on the salmon) and the lack of any Dr. Brown's sodas.

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                  If you crave matzoh ball soup, there's a TooJay's in Stuart in a shopping plaza just south of where Monterey intersects Federal Highway. I haven't been to Bagel Bros. but TooJay's rocks.


                2. Nothing to rave about in the Port St. Lucie area yet, but we were just there last week and here's the best bets in a rather barren culinary landscape:

                  1. Duffy's (a chain of Fla. sports bars) in West Port St. Lucie near I-95, has an AYCE ribs night on Mondays and a happy hour with 2 for 1 drinks. No great shakes, but the ribs are some of the best we ever had, and the waitresses are friendly in the extreme.

                  2. Crawdaddy's in Jensen Beach (about 20 minutes south of PSL on Jensen Beach Blvd. about a block from the beach). Solid Cajun menu (including the titular crawdad boil) and live bands on the patio during the weekend. Thursday night each week is a streetfest at Jensen Beach with the usual tchotkes for sale, and a small artist colony of 6-8 cottages that's a nice place to hang out while you're waiting for your your table across the street.

                  3. Bonefish Grille in Stuart (on US1)--Yes, the dreaded word "chain" rears its ugly head (they're owned by the same folks who brought you Outback) but as chains go, this one is in a class of its own. An nicely appointed room with great service and the seafood is the best bang for the buck in the area. Ask your waiter or waitress to bring you a sampling of all 4 of their signature sauces on the side with your fish. The fish is all well prepared and fresh from the daily selections. The "bang-bang" calamari appetizer was a winner, and they know how to mix a drink. Well worth the miserable 25 minute ride down US 1 from PSL.

                  4. Toojays (in Stuart on US1)--- Your best bet for breakfast/lunch/brunch. Great wraps, deli, omelettes. Packed to the gills for Sat/Sun brunch.

                  1. Ian's Tropical Grill in Jensen Beach has great food and ambience. There's also a Ft. Pierce location but I haven't been to that one.

                    1. There's a Hurricane Wings at the Shoppes at St. Lucie West. 1319 N.W. St. Lucie West Blvd.

                      1. had a great time and actually found some wonderful food joints while we were down there. thanks for all the great suggestions, chowhounders!

                        as always, made a few trips to hurricane grill. their buffalo shrimp are great too! my favorite flavor was hot parmesan garlic.

                        went to new england fish market restaurant in jensen beach. the food was great! we went on tuesday, which is $0.39 oysters and $0.29 clams. there was no end. the place was packed at 7 pm, but we managed to get a table with a 20 minute wait. we ended up ordering a bunch of apps to share, but everything was great. crab artichoke dip, oysters rockafeller, buffalo grouper cheeks, mussels, raw oysters, clams, etc. the only thing that fell short were the conch fritters. too doughy. i highly recommend this place for a tuesday.

                        also went to crawdaddy's. i felt the jambalaya pasta was a bit heavy and overly done. the raw oysters were great, bigger than new england, but definitely not for the faint of heart. very fresh and yummy though. the seafood gumbo was also great. BUT the best part was the new england clam chowder. i grew up in new england and i have to say this was an amazing chowder. tons of clams, it was really delicious. my friends had some sort of fish with apricot or some sort of fruit on top and said it was too sweet.

                        also loved bistro madeleine. their crepes were DELISH. stuffed like a egg burrito, and topped with hollandaise. went back here twice for these. also enjoyed their monte cristo.

                        thanks for all the suggestions!

                        1. too bad i just found this site; by now your trip this time is probably over; but for the next trip here's a few ideas--a great new place is sam snead's tavern in the new hilton garden inn at pga village; another great place is the third tee restaurant on bayshore road, very small but wonderful food;
                          there is a hurricane grill which someone else mentioned in st. lucie west; it is in the publix plaza on st. lucie west blvd;
                          if you want to take a nice ride two great places are the dolphin bar and shrimp house in jensen beach and wahoo's on the waterfront in stuart; both these places also have a wonderful sunday brunch; hope you decide to come back to the area again.

                          1. My grandparents live in PSL, and it is always a pleasure to take a ride to Jensen Beach or Stuart to go out to dinner with them. There are a few places that I would recommend.

                            Norris's Famous Place for Ribs- Ribs & Onion Loaves- 6598 S. US Hwy 1 in PSL

                            Jensen Beach Ale House & Raw Bar- Bar food-3611 BW Federak Hwy in PSL

                            Thai food- Basil Garden- 201 SW Federal Hwy in Stuart

                            Conchy Joe's-Chowder- 3945 NE Indian River Dr. in Jensen Beach

                            New England Fish Market-Mussels (seafood)- 1418 NE Jensen Beach Blvd in JB

                            Wahoo's on the waterfront- 400 NW Alice Ave in Stuart

                            Pawnbrokers Grill- 3754 SE Ocean Blvd in Stuart

                            Pirates Loft-Awesome Crab Cakes 4307 SE Bayview St in Stuart

                            Jersey Mike's Subs- Hoagies & Cheese Steaks- 3321 SE Federal Hwy in Stuart

                            Mangroe Matties-Seafood-1640 Seaway Drive in Ft. Pierce

                            Too Jay's- Jewish Deli- 2504 SE Federal Hwy in Stuart

                            I can't wait to sit and read the entire thread to see other places that you guys have already recommended, maybe I will find some new places to go!!

                            Good luck on find your good eats!!

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                              FYI, the place on Ocean Blvd is called Prawnbrokers. (Get it? haha) Haven't been but have heard good things. :-)

                            2. Hello, There is a great Restaurant in St. Lucie West called Sam Snead's. Wonderful food and great service. Its in the Hilton Hotel.
                              Have a great time.

                              1. My wife and I are both foodies and we own a catering company that's pretty well-known along the treasure coast. There are some very nice restaurants in the Treasure Coast area. We strongly suggest that you drive 10 or 15 minutes or so to Jensen Beach and Downtown Stuart. In Jensen Beach there's 11 Maple Street which is 4/5 star dining at it's very best (reservations suggested). Peter's Steak House is "Peter Luger's South" and the steaks there are very good and their chopped salad is outstanding (reservations suggested). CrawDaddy's has very good Cajun food in a fun atmosphere but if they're busy you'll wait on the sidewalk and that's not much fun but food is delicious. In Down Town Stuart there are several small eateries in a 3 block area. The Flagler Grill is 4/5 star dining and it's excellent (reservations suggested). The Seminole Inn 3/4 star dining and it's also quite good. The Black Marlin has 4 or 5 items on their menu and they're outstanding! Nearby Down Town Stuart is 'Wahoo's' and it's a bar / restaurant that's on the water. Great place on Sunday afternoon. Food is reasonably good and they always have a great band. Wonderful place to have a few drinks, have some shrimp cocktails and conchfritters and people watch! On US1 in Stuart is a new restaurant called "Monkey King" and it has an interesting menu and the Tuna dishes and the Fish Tacos are extremely good. A little loud and rowdy but otherwise a good time. Another very good place in the Stuart / Rio area is Ian's Tropical Grill. Ian's is 4/5 star dining, they have a very good wine list and an inventive menu and it's a very reliable, upscale place to eat. There is a little italian wine bar and restaurnant in Stuart that is directly across from Stuart Fine Foods Grocery Store (which is AWESOME) and it's extremely good. The name escapes me but it's good and worth finding. There are some very good resataurants in this area beyond the chains.

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                                  Hello chowhounds! i am resurrecting this post. going down again at the end of this month. i will definitely take all these rec's, but if you have anything more to offer, i would greatly appreciate it! :)

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                                    I don't know if it's referenced above, but Jans has returned to its old location in Jensen Beach

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                                      I haven't seen 11 Maple St. mentioned yet, could have missed it, in Jensen Beach. I would say its the best restaurant in the area. Stuart Fine Foods IGA is now Milam's IGA and it has been dumbed down some; certainly not what it was. Ronato's (Italian), Harbor Bay Gourmet (casual restaurant/deli/wine shop) in Sewall's Point are fine, too. Haven't been to Flagler in 3-4 years but it was good then.

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                                        11 Maple Street has been mentioned numerous times and for good reason! Agreeably it's the best restaurant in the JB area. Peter's Steakhouse (directly adjacent to 11 Maple) serves a very good steak and their chopped salad (by itself) is worth the trip. CrawDaddy's (less than a block away from 11 and Peters) serves up excellent cajun fare but their staff's general disregard for their customers is a put-off and I've chosen not to go there anymore. The name escapes me but it's an "italian wine bar' and it's directly across from Stuart Fine Foods / IGA / Milam's......and it's outstanding. They have two areas...one for family dining and the other is a wine / beer bar that's an absolute delite (and you can get food from the other side with no problems).


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                                          notice the distinct lack of restaurants IN port st lucie in this blog? the wine bar across from Milams is Carmellas by the way. excellent food and NOT in PSL...
                                          the best thing i've found since moving here is the Bravo/Freshco supermarket on psl blvd. for 4.99 you can get roast pork with rice and beans and another side. best deal in town. there's another place on psl blvd called One World Caribbean Food. but i haven't tried it yet. what about that place on the corner of Psl blvd and Gatlin rd called Porterhouse or Delmonico or something? let me know if you've tried it. mike

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                                            Carmellas! I've been there two dozen times at least and I can never remember the name....but I know where it is!!.....Will have to get to Bravo/Freshco.....and try that out.....


                                2. Need updated information for 2010 for restaurants in Port St. Lucie!!! Any places actually in Port St. Lucie that are still open and worth a try. Travelling there with a baby, so restaurants have to be semi-kid friendly. But any and all information is helpful!!

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                                    Tutu Fresco in PSL on PSL Blvd is fairly new. We went last weekend and I was bowled over! by far the best Italian food north of Palm beach. Resonable prices and the food was Fantastic. Very unusual for the Tresure Coast

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                                        Lunas in Downtown Stuart is Italian done right. Owners are New York transplants.

                                    1. sadly i dont think there is any help for port st lousy's list of chain restaurants, head to downtown stuart on the weekends for some better grub

                                      1. 2011 update needed! Please let me know if there is anything new or changed worth noting. Thanks.

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                                          Actually just came back from a quick trip down to PSL/Jensen Beach. Flagler Grill in downtown Stuart was delicious (took the recommendation from this thread). Also had a great dinner at West End Cafe in PSL West. Conchy Joe's was, as always, fun and delicous. Their tilapia baked in the bag was just perfect. Dena's cafe is a little mom and pop luncheonette with a great menu, too. Hope this helps!

                                          Flagler Grill
                                          47 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart, FL 34994

                                          1. re: jmol11

                                            I've always liked Flagler Grill.....food very good....but service has been below par given the prices charged.....I've dined there five times and each time the food was memorable but have taken it off my list because of the service.....West End Cafe....haven't had a bad meal there and need to go more.....Conchy Joes?....Not so much......Do like Dena's....

                                            Ft. Pierce, FL

                                            1. re: LargeLife

                                              I agree re: Flagler. Conchy Joe's is a fun spot but food is just passable.

                                              1. re: HoosierFoodie

                                                Yes, Conchy Joe's definetly offers more ambience than quality, but I will certainly recommend the tilapia baked in the bag!! :)

                                            2. re: jmol11

                                              Yes, thanks for the quick review. Helps indeed.

                                          2. This post is still majorly lacking restaurants that are ACTUALLY IN Port St. Lucie - there has to be something!

                                            I am submitting Cornerstone Bistro and Tutto Fresco as good examples. West End Grill and Red Ginger are pretty good too.

                                            Anybody want to update for the end of 2011? :D

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                                              The FACT is there are very, very few good restaurants in Port St. Lucie!!! The economy here is not good. Foreclosures amongs the highest in the nation. Restaurants don't survive here. 'SeaWeed' which is very good Thai and Chinese and their sushi chef is brilliant and they're on U.S. 1 in PSL. Olympus on US1 in PSL (next to Lowe's) is very solid. Sebastiano's on US1 in PSL is also very good (it was a gourmet grocery and deli that has morphed into a very good and popular restaurant).

                                              Also...please keep in mind that PSL, Stuart, Palm City and Ft. Pierce all run together and you'll leave one of these towns and be in the next with no real notice.

                                              Ft. Pierce, FL

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                                                PSL has some good golf but I've never eaten there.

                                                I live in the Port Salerno area of Stuart and we have a few worthwhile places on or near the water. For drinks - Finz or the Tiki bar at Manatee Island. Coconuts is a 'real' local hangout and you may meet the guy that caught your dinner in there. A door or two down from Coconuts is King Neptune (beer and whine) - its just a hole in the wall but chef Robert cooks the best seafood in the area - the King doesn't take reservations and the wait can be long so plan ahead - call them ask about the wait . You could always go across the street to Manatee Island while you wait. Similar to KN is Gettin' Crabby just across the railroad tracks. Good alternative to KN if you're impatient.

                                                Shrimpers (Part of the Prawnbroker/Black Marlin family) is on the water just across from Manatee Island. Locals fill the upstairs and downstairs bars and the food is variable but often quite good.

                                                North of Port Salerno just south of the Roosevelt Bridge is Casa Bella. Great dinning areas for 'date night' type thing and mostly homemade pasta with excellent pan sauces.

                                                Have to also mention 11 Maple in Jensen as my friend and former roommate is the wood grill guy there. If you're looking for something really special - 11 Maple. Attention to detail is an understatement.


                                                1. re: ryanSoFl

                                                  Wow! I'm impressed with the longevity of this post. Again, I am headed down to PSL / St Lucie West for a long weekend. I have taken down all the suggestions on this board, and will consider venturing out to Stuart for some good eats. If you were to recommend your top one or two spots in Stuart, what would they be? I loved 11 Maple, and was thinking of returning again (dreams of their bread basket). Should we sway and try Flagler's instead?

                                                  In the meantime, has anyone ever been to Mrs Peter's Smokehouse? Have heard good things about their dips... Also, does anyone know if New England Fish Market still has their Oyster Happy Hour Day? I could not find any evidence of it on their website.

                                                  Also curious about Tin Fish in PSL? their tacos look intriguing.... thanks again!

                                                  1. re: jungirl

                                                    for the best thin pizza ever, pusatieris on ocean in stuart www.bestfloridapizza.com

                                                    1. re: jungirl

                                                      Finz in Stuart has Mrs. Peters dip on the menu (and a great happy hour) which may save you a trip to the Jensen Beach store. A few other restaurants in the area also have Mrs. Peters as an appetizer. New England Fish Market also makes their own fish dip that's a close runner-up.

                                                      1. re: jungirl

                                                        I don't recommend New England Fish Market for oysters anymore. Last time I went they weren't clean at all - stuff growing all over the shells, and lots of bits of shell in the oyster itself. Gross, and expensive.

                                                        Instead, check out Riverwalk Cafe and Oyster bar in downtown Stuart (get the Romanoff - and if you want, they can give you two of each type of oyster they carry, it's great). Or if you really feel like driving - Spotos Oyster Bar in Palm Beach is awesome.

                                                        Flagler Grill is definitely worth the visit.

                                                        1. re: southflfoodie

                                                          Guess where they get their oysters? Yep! New England Fish market wholesale! You must have hit a bad night.

                                                          1. re: cfisch

                                                            Yep, no shortage of great food in Stuart. Taj Majal Indian food. Basil Thai at the south foot of the Roosevelt bridge. Pusateri's and Carmella's on East Ocean for pizza, and three or four great places in downtown Stuart ... Riverwalk, Flagler Grill, and my favorite The Osceola Street Cafe (try the Catalan Shrimp and the flourless chocolate decadence cake). But poor, poor, Poort Saint Lucie... <sigh>

                                                  2. re: southflfoodie

                                                    Went to Goma Sushi tonight. It was amazing. Had an oyster that was nearly a foot long, and escolar (white tuna) that is now my new bacon.

                                                    That is all.

                                                  3. 2013 update!!! So after two trips in 2012, I have a few more spots to add to this list. These are for places in PSL or Jensen Beach. I didn't make it to Stuart.. being from NYC, driving 55 minutes to eat somewhere is a bit much.

                                                    Thirsty Turtle - I am iffy on their other items, but their WINGS are GREAT! medium, the sauce has big chunks of garlic and they are seriously quite tasty. They have a happy hour every day on wings from 2PM til either 6 or 7? also drink specials too

                                                    Tin Fish on Port St Lucie Blvd (can't speak for the one in Tradition Square) - apparently this is a franchise, but they receive daily shipments of fresh fish. HUGE fish tacos (just ONE is a meal!), GREAT fish and chips (breading is flavorful and not thick) and I liked their bang bang shrimp and their clams casino dip. I've heard from a fellow IGer their grilled fish tacos are also excellent. (I post food pics under RestaurantGroupie, all my FL pics are there too!)

                                                    Frank and Al's Pizza - I really liked their gold rush wings (combo of hot sauce and honey bbq). They were big and filling and perfectly cooked. We had the cheese steak pizza after reading multiple Yelp reviews that this place had "authentic NY pizza". My SO liked it, but I found the sauce to be lacking and bland. That said, my cousin went the same week and his family loved it. I would give the pizza another try here. But I guess comparatively for the area, pretty decent.

                                                    Shindig Pub (Irish gastro pub) - after reading some positive food reviews, I was excited to try this place. We went on a weekend night, BIG MISTAKE. They had a life band that was DEAFENING. I'm from NYC, and have spent my fair share in dance clubs, live concerts, etc. But this was ridiculous. It was like you had to scream at your waitress to be heard. If the food made up for it, it might have been bearable. We ordered potato skins, corned beef and cabbage spring rolls (fusion attempt) and bacon jalapeno flatbread. I only liked the last appetizer as it reminded me of thin crust Dominoes (like a cracker) which I kind of like. The other two apps really left something to be desired. How do you mess up potato skins? Here I would take a chain version / TGIF over these any day. Major disappointment. I've heard their burgers are good, so maybe I'll give it one more go, but definitely not later on a weekend, unless I want to be fitted with hearing aids anytime soon.

                                                    El Cubanito - have been hearing about this place for years. Was cute, and stopped in for lunch. Had the app sampler, liked the lechon / pulled pork and croquettes. Was disappointed by the tamale. The chicken chunks (chicharrones) were ok. The cuban sandwich was lacking pork, so we put some in from the plate and then it tasted better. Apparently their specialty is the steak, so I would go back to try that. And maybe the fried snapper.

                                                    Spiro Taverna in PSL - part of a Greek chain of restaurants in the area. The chicken gyro platter was not traditional (made with marinated chicken tenders) but very simple and delicious with the tsaziki. The saganaki was also good, but how can you mess up melted flaming cheese? The pasticio and moussaka were not very good. Super heavy, felt like cafeteria food. My feeling is that much of the food here is not very authentic, but I would go back for the gyro platter / sandwich. The greek salad was nice with shredded (?) feta, but for some reason my mother's didn't come with cheese.

                                                    Berry Fresh Cafe - I had a good experience here last time, but this time it fell short. WIth an extensive menu of brunch items, I feel like ordering on the lighter side is better here. I've heard their coffee is great (plus), but the redneck eggs benedict I ordered was not just heavy, but really no flavors. Granted it was eggs benedict with hollandaise, sausage patties and gravy, so I was asking for it. But the flavors were really disappointing. I've had better heavy food at Cracker Barrel. I do remember my friend getting the blueberry oatmeal pancakes in the past and those were quite good. I would stick to an omelet, or perhaps a salad / sandwich here. It's one of those places that all the dressings are "raspberry vinaigrette", etc. I think it caters to local tastes.

                                                    Nelson Family Farms market - LOVE this place. GREAT FIND, especially in an area where your grocery shopping options are only Walmart / Publix. They had everything from fresh squeezed juice (a half gallon cost almost the same as an 12 oz in NYC!), fresh baked breads (found my ciabatta here!), a great selection of veggies and fruits, marmalades, baked goods (banana bread, pies), sauces, etc. I found the tortilla chips to be a bit greasy and over seasoned, but whatever. Who doesn't love chips! (ate these with the smoked fish dip below)

                                                    New England Fish Market - The market side is THE spot to get fresh seafood. I bought clams from here to make my portuguese beer steamed clams. I also bought some pre-made fish cakes, which were great. Their smoked fish dip is also very good. The restaurant shed a new light this trip. They have a raw bar Tuesdays where oysters are $0.79 and clams $0.59. Yummy and smaller well shucked oysters. In the past I've gone for a lot of the fried food here. This time around we all ordered off of their special fish menu. It was excellent! Fresh, healthy and well-prepared. My mother had a broiled haddock that was moist and delicious, and I ordered the cod dijonaise that came in a mustard sauce. My SO had the jerk tilapia, which was laden in spices. They all come with sides, the rice and beans were excellent, and the green beans were perfectly cooked (still slight crunch). All in all, a great spot for a fresh healthy meal, which I've found to be a challenge in this area.

                                                    Crawdaddy's - still awesome creamy chunky clam chowder. award winning. Their oysters were bigger than NE Fish Market, but they were poorly shucked with lots of shell and grit. I would only go here for the chowder.

                                                    Mrs. Peters Smokehouse - cool spot to swing by for smoked fish dips, smoked ribs, smoked shrimp. little market.

                                                    FYI, Flagler Grill is under new management and called something else now with a new staff.

                                                    I ended up cancelling my 11 Maple Street reservation. I have had two amazing meals here in the past, but when I took a peek at their menu, I noticed that their prices had increased. With small plates topping out at $25 and entrees were all in the $35+. I thought this seemed a bit extreme.

                                                    We made a trip to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL, which is 2.5 hours away. But made a whole day out of it with a visit to Robert is Here farmstand for smoothies and their animal zoo (awesome place started by Robert when he was 6 years old, specializing in tropical fruits and exotic) and then had the best ribs of my life at Shiver's. They had this black pepper sauce that was out of this world. If the to go version didn't come in styrofoam containers, I would have bought a ton of it. Their apps were excellent too (fried okra!!!). Coral Castle was pretty neat too! I recommend this long trip since it has some pretty awesome food stops :)

                                                    1. Heading down again in a few days! any recs?

                                                      1. PSL now has a great Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Now. It's in the shopping center on US Highway 1 next to Kaiser College (just south of PSL Medical Center).


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                                                        1. re: MrsPatmore

                                                          Do you agree with above rec's for PSL? I see some of the posts are older. Crawdaddy's a fun place with for boys 19-21 years old?

                                                          1. re: mangia mama

                                                            Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the other recommendations as PSL is quite a bit south of me, but I do make a special trip there for the Vietnamese food! Hopefully others will chime in about Crawdaddy's :-)

                                                            1. re: mangia mama

                                                              I think they'll like Crawdaddy's