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Jan 2, 2007 10:06 PM


My NYC friends and I are going to Port St Lucie towards the end of this month. We are looking for any recs in the driveable area, that we could have nice meals at. I am a total NYC foodie, and am looking for fellow chowhound help! ;) We are down for everything from cheap bang for your bucks to nicer restaurants. I know the area has been developing a lot more recently and I have already looked at the past bulletins, but I am hoping someone can make some more recent recs (all the bulletins are dated a year or older). Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. My mother lives there, I can't wait to hear what responses you get, because we never eat anywhere except the dreaded chains.

    1. Seriously! All I saw down there last time I was visiting was Outback, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday, Chili's, etc! I remember there was one wings place that was sort of fun - multiple flavors - but I can't remember the name...

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        Hurricane Grill and Wings; but AFAIK there isn't one in PSL. The closest is a newer location in Palm City: 2355 SW Martin Hwy, Palm City, 34990 (772) 781-4295.

        I found the raspberry to be too sweet -- basically wings covered in jam. But if they have the spicy raspberry, that's awesome. Also the honey garlic, teriyaki, etc. etc. The wings are small and extras like bleu cheese and celery are a bit steep, but if you get a sampler of a bunch of different flavors they're good.

        Also in PSL, I recommend Bistro Madeleine for breakfast, a greasy-spoon French diner. Brie on everything, massive omelettes, best monte cristos around.

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          yes, that's the wings place! is bistro madeleine in palm city? i love monte cristos!

          1. re: jungirl

            I've only been to the Palm City location, but I'm pretty sure there is another location in St. Lucie West. Someone confirmed it's still open in another thread here. (I moved out of the area over a year ago.)

            Their secret is the French toast -- OMG it's out of this world. :-D

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            FYI yes there is many new Hurricane Grills here on the Treasure Coast

        2. Every time I see this post....I respond with this.

          You'll love it!

          1. I just remembered this place which is a lot of fun.

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     just the updated link, guess they removed the FL, and yes it's a lot of fun.

              1. re: PurgedReality

                I've been to Conchy Joe's dozens of times since mid 80s. It is fun for a drink and appetizers or maybe the raw bar, maybe. It is a fun place serving acceptable bar food. I will be there again this spring but it is far from a dining destination.

                  1. re: sarge

                    I completely agree, too! CJ's has tons of atmosphere and not very good food. Definitely go for drinks, though.

            2. My folks are down there, and yes, unfortunately, way too many chain restaurants. However, there a few good eats: Conchy Joe's--delicious and a lot of fun (raeggae bands on the weekends), 11 Maple (never been but have heard such great things), and El Cubanito (inexpensive home style Cuban). Enjoy!