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Jan 2, 2007 09:18 PM

Non-hype Valentine's Day meal

Yup, I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day! My husband and I spent a great New Year's Eve at our favorite bar, Hopleaf, where they served the regular menu and there was no cover charge. Totally laid-back and fun. We'd like to do something similar for V-Day: no timed seatings or fixed prices, maybe a BYOB spot, something small and cozy--atmosphere is somewhat important. We're not big on sushi but like most everything else.

Any suggestions? We live in Uptown but will go anywhere in the city, pretty much. One place I've thought of so far is Jane's in Bucktown--I hear it's romantic--but I'd need to call them to see how they handle the holiday.

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  1. I think Jane's is a great date place. Nearly every girl I've dated in the last 8 years has been there at least once. The food is good for the price. The one complaint most people have is that the tables are really close to each other so if your looking for privacy it might not be the place for you. That said it is small and cozy.

    1. I think you might like Anna Maria Pasteria. It's laid-back, quiet, low-key but nice, and the food is really good. I've enjoyed every meal I've ever had there. It's kind of my go-to place.

      1. Thanks, guys. We haven't been to Anna Maria yet... that might be a good one. Also thinking about Indie Cafe on Broadway in Edgewater, or that Italian place on Wilson next to Sabor de Cuba, which always looks lively but we've yet to try. It starts with an R, but I can't remember the name...