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Restaurants where you can eat for free on your birthday in GTA?

Taking my wife out for her birthdaym, and as a laugh want to take her somewhere where she can eat for free on her birthday?

Any ideas in the GTA?

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  1. Tuckers Market, it's buffet style it's just eh. The steak sandwiches are good though.

    1. Really? I once had a free ice cream sundae on my birthday when I was 6 somewhere in California. And you used to get a free shot of something awful at the Elbow in London, ON (the trick was to show your ID to as many bartenders as possible). I think I would need to make dinner reservations somewhere nice immediately AFTER a stunt like that!

      1. Casey's used to have a free birthday dinner.

        1. By The Way cafe at Bloor & Brunswick sends out coupons to regular customers, usually every year around your birthday with a coupon for a free dinner. How you get on that list, I'm not 100% sure... I think my wife filled out something years ago. Not sure if they would give you the freeby if you just walked in, but if you were nice they might...


          1. It is not a free meal, but you get a dozen free bagels at any What-A-Bagel in the city on your birthday.

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              Twelve bagels can be a couple of meals. :)

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                ^^Re- what a bagel-the Eglinton location has discontinued this.

                I am an unhappy b-day girl.

                i am going to Lokshen alfredo as mentioned elsewhere- hopefully that will make up for it.

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                  i'm reasonably sure that i saw a sign at what-a-bagel at yonge and eg for the free birthday dozen.

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                    I know I got mine at Yonge & Eg last February no problem, I actually ended up going to 3 different locations! Love that policy, even if they're not the greatest bagels. But free IS free, after all.

              2. Tony Roma's Ribs offers a free entree up to a value of $16 or $18

                1. of course the problem with your plan is that then you have to eat the food I presume? Do you like your wife? :)

                  1. If you're anywhere close to Newmarket, Canaan Chinese Buffet gives you a meal on yer b/d. It's at Davis/Leslie.

                    1. Can we actually answer the OPs questions instead of the snide comments? I mean, at least offer suggestions if you are going to make some comment, otherwise please don't bother posting as it really adds nothing to the thread.

                      That being said, I think that Denny's used to do this, not 100% sure if they still do. Unfortunately, Denny's are few and far between in the GTA.

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                        I totally agree!!! Comments in these forums can range from sarcastic to downright rude and that's NOT what these forums are about.

                        We still get dozen free bagels at Yonge/York Mills Oh What A Bagel, nothing wrong with a free meal when it's hard to find anything for free!

                        The original OP's question is old, but for anyone looking, we had a free meal at Tucker's Marketplace, it was in our opinion, not good, but depending on your taste, you might like it.

                      2. Any new suggestions for a free birthday meal?

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                          Mad Monty's offers a free entree or app on your birthday up to 10$.
                          Ive never been though so I dont know how it is, can anyone comment on the quality?

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                            Not great places but I am pretty sure about Tuckers and Mandarin. For Tony Romas, I think if you sign up on their website, you get a free entree coupon around the time of your birthday. It comes in the mail.

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                              i was just at mandarin and it was my b-day and it was not free sorry to all who wanted to eat free at mandarin on there b-day

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                              Mad Monty's has pretty decent pub food, but it's not much of a special occasion venue...

                          2. okay I don't get the funny part of this either, as in what's "the laugh" in going somewhere where you eat for free on your birthday? sounds like an Organ Grinder thing.

                            Anyway, just thought I'd mention Jawny Bakers does a birthday deal, not free, but some kind of birthday deal. They send you a postcard reminder every year, offer discounts, give away mugs and things, and do the special dessert (with singing and clapping if i remember right). It's a decent place with good pub fare kind of food, ideal for families.

                            Jawny Bakers
                            804 O Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4B2S9, CA

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                              yah Ive had some nice meals at jawny bakers. its a good family spot, very clean, lovely fire place and nice staff.

                            2. I don't recall how I got on the list (probably filled out a survey or something), but Wildfire Streakhouse/Grill sends me a certificate for a free entree every year, which can be used anytime during the month of my birthday. It's quite a nice little treat, as entrees there range from around $18 - $30, and it's a restaurant that we visit even when we don't have coupons.

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                                If you sign up for Club Q on www.q107.com, you will get an up to $25 coupon to Jack Astors for your birthday entree each year. Plus, you can earn points, enter contests or trade in points for cds, dvds, movie passes etc. Great idea, folks.

                              2. Imperial Buffet at the Eglinton Town Centre advertises free birthday meal with photo id. Not as good as the old China King Buffet at Warden and 401 but better than Mandarin.

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                                  Not that Mandarin's great, but Imperial buffet is AWFUL -- beware!!

                                2. Kalamata on Lakeshore in New Toronto sent me an email for a free appetizer and dessert with the purchase of a main course. That's not a "free" deal, but on the bright side, the "coupon" (email printout) is valid for a full month.

                                  I think most restaurants are counting on you not wanting to eat alone on your birthday, hence the "free" is more like "buy one get one free".

                                  Elmwood Spa offers a 3-course lunch free with a $100 spa service purchase (within 4 days before or after your birthday, only valid on weekdays Mon-Thurs). I've had the 3-course lunch somewhat recently and the dessert is disappointing but the rest is decent.

                                  Any freebie updates for this thread? Bagels? Coffee? Drinks? Bonus food items?

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                                    I plan out my "free food" route every year.

                                    Denny's free brekky ( whitby location)
                                    William's coffee pub free slice of cake(whitby location - emailed coupon)
                                    Baskin Robbin's free ice cream scoop ( emailed coupon; possibly only certain locations as i've had issues w francises not redeeming certain coupons)
                                    Orange Julius - Free julius Drink (emailed coupon)
                                    Dairy Queen - Buy 1 get 1 free blizzard ( emailed coupon)
                                    Tucker's Marketplace - free buffet ( one in scarb. ain't that great)
                                    East Side Mario's - Free pasta or pizza ( emailed coupon)

                                    This yr i'm going to try Imperial Buffet in Ajax instead of Tucker's Marketplace. I haven't heard alot of complaints but i'll let you know how it goes.
                                    I don't like going to places that offer free app/dessert b/c in the fine print you always have to spend money on a meal... I spend no money this one day of the yr cept for the gas :) It's got to be a FREE day!

                                    When i lived in Vaughan, I would hit 4 - 6 what-a-bagels on my bday lol. I would freeze them or give them to friends/family.

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                                        Awesome info. My birthday is coming up soon! I wonder if any non-chain mom 'n' pop food shops, bakeries, cafes, or restos offer any freebies?

                                    1. It's not a meal, but Starbucks will mail you a birthday coupon on your birthday if you register a starbucks card. It doesn't even have to have a balance on it.