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Jan 2, 2007 09:13 PM

Great sushi in Portland?

Hi, I'll be visiting Portland in a couple weeks and would like to find excellent quality sushi.

I prefer a nice atmosphere but super trendy stuff neither offends nor attracts me.

All I care about is the quality (and good service if possible).


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  1. only one choice then.....
    search this board and you will find many posts that second this

      1. Absolutely, Murata.

        Best amaebi and hamachi I have ever had. Great (cooked) salmon cheeks and fried softshell crab (both specials) too.

        It's just fabulous.

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        1. re: JillO

          How pricy is it, eg the amaebi or maguro?

        2. I don't remember prices for individual nigiri, but I do know that a meal there, overall, is about twice what it usually costs us at other places. Where we can usually get away with under $40 elsewhere, at Murata our bill is around $70+. Thing is, it is seriously worth it - whenever we have sushi elsewhere, we look at each other and agree that it is never as good as it is at Murata.

          1. If you want to keep prices down at Murata, get the fixed price meal. You get a couple dishes, plus a choice of about six different "entrees" one of which is sushi and one sashimi. The sushi is a much better value and several of the other items aren't especially good. So I get double sushi. That's $25. If you get only one, it's $18. I think their nigiri are mostly around $6 if I remember right.

            Personally, I think their salmon is the best I've had. Even compared to what I had at Tsukiji in Japan. I think it's a must. People who like mackeral more than me have gushed about it.