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Jan 2, 2007 09:07 PM

Fragrant Pears at Chinese Markets

For the first time this year I have seen small "Fragrant Pears" in Chinese markets around Boston. Also saw a post on the General Topics board.

Smaller then the usual Asian pears, and shaped a bit more like Western varieties, they are amazing, tasting like really good and crunchy Asian pears.

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  1. I wish thispost went up two weeks ago. I prepared a goat-cheese stuffed roasted pear side during the holidays, but could not find these despite looking. I should have tried Super 88 or some of the other usual suspects in Chinatown. Live & learn :)

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    1. re: Bob MacAdoo

      I don't think asian pears of any variety would benefit from cooking. They are all about the crunchy fresh texture. I would use traditional western pears.

    2. I just encountered these for the first time at HMart in Burlington, and they are quite lovely. They have a pretty strong pear smell, a nice crunchy texture without the graininess you can sometimes get with standard Asian pears. They were on sale this week.

      1. Found some today at Hmart in Burlington. They are sweeter and smaller than Asian pears. They had lots of them packed six in a package as well lots of sharon fruit.