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Jan 2, 2007 09:02 PM

Fresh Pasta in Park Slope

Looking for somewhere that sells freshly made pastas (little old italian ladies making it is a plus of course) in upper Park Slope. Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't know about Park Slope, but Caputo's on Court/3rd St in Carroll Gardens has all kinds of fresh pastas as well as great home made sauces and incredibly fresh mozzarella, all made on site by a little old italian man (Mother Caputo unfortunately passed away this summer)

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    1. re: jimmyjazz

      Do you mean CAPUTO BAKERY on Court Street?

      1. re: Fleur

        I'm assuming he means Caputo's Deli--it's further down Court (#460) between 3rd and 4th place on the west side of the street. Excellent fresh and dried pasta, sauces, soups, cheeses and assorted other items.

        1. re: Marion Morgenthal

          Thanks. Places with the same name can be confusing. I'll have to walk further down on Court Street and try it.

    2. Russo's on 7th ave and 11th st. has fresh pasta.

      1. and really delicious fresh mozzarella.