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Jan 2, 2007 08:56 PM

Need help making tasty (semi) vegetarian meals!

My DH has decided hes going on a diet and doesn't want to eat much red meat or fatty stuff, and wants lots and lots of veggies. Problem: he doesn't really like plain veggies, (which is how i love them so i usually don't cook any other way)
and he hates stir fry (which is the only other way i ever cook them)
Can someone give me some good simple recipes that are low in fat and healthy?

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  1. roast anything -- cauliflower, brussel sprouts, radishes, beets, fennel, cabbage, tomatoes, red peppers.

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      I second this. I'm always amazed at how good vegetables taste when you roast them.

    2. My SO often goes on a similar diet, and his favorite way to eat vegetables is in a soup. I cook up some pork or beef bones, skim off the fat with a very fine strainer, then add a ton of vegetables. Even if he eats half a gallon of the stuff, it has fewer calories than a slab of meat, and almost no fat. And we both love soup, so it's tasty and easy to change up throughout the week.

      Some homemade bread made with whole wheat flour and no butter or oil added, or beans in the soup, gives the meal enough bulk to keep us full for the evening.

      I've also struggled to find easy ways to make vegetables taste good, but I like them stir fried with garlic, steamed, or roasted. SO doesn't really care for those methods at all unless it's a vegetable he really likes, so soup works. Otherwise I'd have to make something more complicated like a galette stuffed with different vegetables, a casserole, lasagne, or pasta type dish.

      Pureeing vegetables is also a good way to make it seem like you're serving a cream-based soup when it's actually very healthy. I like pureed steamed cauliflower with a few cloves of roasted garlic, thinned out with skim milk or chicken stock. Leave out the thinner and you have a nice thick substitute for mashed potatoes.

      Boiled white beans or steamed/roasted squash also make a nice creamy soup.

      1. If he likes fish, you can try topping it with your favorite sauce or herbs (dill is my favorite), wrap in foil and bake it. You can do a side dish of roasted veggies (in the same oven as the fish). Also, serve some rice with some toasted sesame or almonds in it.

        If you take tofu, coat lightly in rice flour or AP flour, and fry it. You can stir fry it with any veggie you like. I've also steamed tofu with sauce on it.

        1. A nice filling side salad is cucumber diced, plum roma tomatoes diced, cubed mozzarella (a little cheese is good in a diet!) and splashes of Balsamic Vinegar, EVOO, salt, pepper and Oregano. This is a favorite in my house and is much more filling and tasty than a regular house salad.

          1. Well we're doing the same thing starting, tomorrow. But earlier
            this year I had to lower my cholestrol and I did by 15 points.
            I pretty much avoided red meat:( I would have red meat maybe once every couple of weeks and no alchohol at all. Well we love our wine... I've gotten so I that I'm pretty good at making tasty dinners with ground turkey.

            We usually have the Thai lettuce wraps cilantro, ginger root, green onion, serranos, and cilantro using light ground turkey. Salads that are made with fresh green beans, and good tuna and egg sort of a salad nicoise.
            Cauliflower stir fried with oyster sauce, or steamed with dill.
            Last night we had cabbage just stewed - was very goood!
            Salad made with orzo, dried cherries, basil, cherry tomatoes, green onion,broccoli or zuchinni, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar
            And foodiegirl hit on one of my lighter dishes, wrap fish or a chicen breast in foil but top it with fresh tomatoes, onions garlic and basil. Throw in a few small red potatoes-good stuff!
            Taco salads with lots of fresh pico de gallo. A good low far snack, flour tortilla with a little monterey and fresh pico de gallo

            Broccoli or cauliflower red peppers, onion and garlic, in baked egg white custard
            And one of my all time favorites is to make egg foo young with egg whites with all kinds of fresh veggies with a light soy gravy made with cornstarch
            Baked potatoes stuffed with salsa, and cheeses

            make stuffed cabbage, using ground turkey or stuffed peppers just use alot of chicken and tomatoes for the juice factor.

            Buy big portabellos and stuff them like a reg stuffed mushroom. I take the gills out to clean and hollow them, make a mix of chopped stems, sauteed with garlic, procuitto or lean ham, spinach, or asparagas, add some unseasoned bread crumbs, monterey cheese and low fat mozzerella. Then saute them stuffed, then top with more mozzerealla and bread crumbs and run under the broiler- Very tasty and very filling.
            You can also make them with a low fat turkey saugsage and make the sauce as a fresh marinara sauce with fresh basil and oregano, then top with mozzerella and bread crumbs.

            We first got used to 1 percent milk, then the other day I had nonfat, I slightly noticed the difference where before I would not of touched it.
            The only thing that I will not go fat free with is, cheeses and sour cream, we just are careful not to over do it.

            And for a sweet treat I am totally hooked on sugar free popsicles!