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Jan 2, 2007 08:53 PM


Looking for a good, not overly priced, but nice place for Sunday brunch. Any ideas??

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  1. where? there are plenty of brunch discussions on this board (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/333563 , for example). you looking east? west? uptown? downtown?

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      You'll need to delete the comma from the end of Cereal Killer's link above to make it work. I agree, this topic comes up almost weekly for downtown locations, so if you do a search for "brunch" and sort by date you'll get tons of recent recommendations. Here are some more good threads packed with suggestions:



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        I'm thinking of Petite Dejeuner on King St. I have well to do family members visiting but I'm treating. Have you tried this place??

        1. re: Terry

          Yes, their brunch is very good. The food is excellent. Try the waffles!

          But you should be aware that the place is very small and they get very busy every week during Sunday brunch, especially later in the morning into the early afternoon. There's not much standing room and the tables are packed in, so if you're looking to linger for a long time you might feel awkward. With a large group (i.e. more than 2) you may spend more time standing by the door waiting for a table than you do eating. Your best bet is probably to go as early as you can, they open at 9am.

          1. re: Gary

            I think you might be right and that won't do.I think Mildred Pearce should be better!

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                Mildred Pierce would be perfect, but it doesn't take reservations and fills up quickly. Best to show up about 10 minutes before opening and line up for a table.

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                I went to Le Petit Dejeuner today and found that most of the food was good, but the portions too small. I had the Eggs Florentine, which were very tasty and had especially nice Hollandaise Sauce. It came with a small bit of dry and quite tasteless rosti potatoes and a strange but good fruit salad. Price - $9.50. The teas were nice, and the waiter brought a group of samples to smell before ordering.

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                Because you mention they are well-to-do, I assume they like to be treated as special. That or you don't want to risk being taken out of the will ;) Either way Edward Levesque might be a good choice as I got the feeling it appeals to special people's specialness.

                There are many good brunch places in Toronto in my opinion. Depends on what you are looking for in the way of food and atmosphere. And which area in the city you prefer.

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                  Thanks, I looked up E.L and it sounds good. I just worry about no reservation policies. I'll see, I will try either M.P. or E.L.

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                    EL is great, like MP, but I have waited in line there too.

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                    for specialness i highly reccomend provence delices. They take reservations, the food is delicious, and everything has a kind of fun edge of hoity toity. http://www.provencerestaurant.com/

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                    Toba's also a great place for brunch and on King E - a nice but small dining area and some interesting items for brunch (like a duck crepe Asian style, although the normal items are there). A little nicer than Petite Dejeuner in my opinion but not as expensive as Kultura and still has a nice warm feel.

                    Nice service, not too busy...

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                      Whoops - sorry about that link. As Gary noted, it should have been http://www.chowhound.com/topics/333563

                      I like Petite Dejeuner well enough, but if you want to be a bit upscale, I definitely like MP as a few others have already pointed out. I was severely underwhelmed at Xacutti earlier this month, even though I was previously a fan. I have been brunching at Musa at 847 Dundas Street West recently and absolutely love it. That said, it's not a fancy place, nor is it quick service, and I wouldn't take my mom there on Mother's Day.


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                        I seem to always agree with your assessments so could I ask why your last meal at Xacutti was bad? I've only been there a few times for brunch but enjoyed it greatly each time.

                  4. If you haven't been yet - Kultura makes a great brunch and it isn't overpacked like many other places.

                    If you go to MP - make sure you get there before 10...otherwise you will be waiting a good 45 minutes.

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                      Yes I thought of Kultura because they cater to specialness but it isnt cheap.

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                        I appreciate good quality but when it's overpriced I don't think it's worth it. Thanks for the idea, though.

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                          I posted my thoughts on Kultura's brunch in another thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                          I really wasn't impressed at all. Though if someone paid $7 for my tea, I might feel special. Until I saw how badly prepared the tea was.

                      2. Mildred Pierce is highly over-rated and you can expect to wait an hour for tables unless you show-up a good half hour before they open to line up. And then you only wait 30 minutes! Once you get past the mob scene, they also rush you through brunch as there's a huge line at the door.

                        Thuet doesn't take reservations either, but the wait is worth it. Fancier, too.

                        1. why not try out the new globe bistro on the danforth and broadview for brunch. I havent been for brunch yet, only dinner, but I had a great time , great food and incredible service. Again, I cant say much about the brunch other then the menu looks nice and there have been a few posts about positive brunch experiences there so far

                          1. I wouldn't say it was bad, just that I was not particularly impressed, especially at those prices and with so many other great brunch places in the City. It was my mom's birthday (early December), so taking her to Aunties and Uncles, Maggie's or Musa didn't seem appropriate, and Xacutti was more central than Mildred Pierce, so it appeared to be the perfect choice.

                            The starters were great (there were 4 of us) - ginger donut and cardamom biscuits were fresh and tasty. Smoothies were also pretty good. Mains weren't so inspired. The portions were skimpy (especially compared to Musa and Maggie's). Food wasn't particularly hot. The fusion inspired flavours didn't pop and my smoked ham benedict was simply heavy and seemed full of flour. Service was nervous and hesitant (we joked that it must have been her first week on the job - NOTE: real Chowhounders are ALWAYS nice to servers and tip well because we know most problems occur in the kitchen). And I don't want to think about how much I paid for my tea.

                            Last time we had a "family" brunch we went to Boho on Roncesvalles. Everyone, including me, enjoyed that experience over brunch at Xacutti.