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Jan 2, 2007 08:40 PM

Sausage Making Advice

Happy New Year! This week I'm taking delivery on half a pig and about 70 pounds of deer meat. Most will go into the upright freezer and get eaten through 2007, but I'll be trying my hand at sausage making for the first time. I have a KitchenAid stand mixer with the food grinding and sausage stuffer attachments. I've order some hog casing for sausages 1-1.25 inches in diameter. So does anyone have any tips on techniques? Favorite recipes for sausage? (I'd love to make my Croation dad some kielbasa.) Disaster stories? We may be able to do some smoking too. Many thanks!

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  1. Buy a print reference source and follow the directions exactly.

    Pay very careful attention to your temperatures-- you can easily ruin sausage by getting things to warm or processing too much without chilling.

    Pay very careful attention to cleanliness.

    Finally, note that the KA attachement and stuffer are very easy to use and clean but they are designed for smaller jobs. Don't try and make 15 pds in one go. We limit ourselves to a max of grinding 5 pds, cleaning and chilling, and stuffing 5 pds which we think is the max.

    1. You might want to buy Bruce Aidell's "Complete Sausage Book". The recipes for making and using sausage are wonderful, and there's a lot of information about the craft. Make sure your meat is cold - half-frozen - so it grinds easily and cleanly. If you run out of fatback and can't find any, you can substitute salt pork, and leave all the salt out of the recipe. You'll get a better texture with fatback, but it can be hard to find in many areas. I have the same Kitchenaid stuff you have, but I often just use my food processor with the double steel blade to grind and mix the sausage, then use the KA to stuff links.

      1. There's nine sausage recipes/techniques here to browse:
        Once in, press "CTRL" plus your "F" key, to ease your search for SAUSAGE.

        Here's one of the nine:

        1. I keep seeing the advice on cold temperatures and cleanliness over and over, so I'll be sure to follow it. Thanks for the tip too and what to expect from the KA appliance. I've ordered Rytek Kutas's book "Great Sausage Making and Meat Curing" from The Sausagemaker in Buffalo, NY. But I've seen some great sounding recipes online too. Re: the fatback, I should be getting that and the kidney fat for rendering some lard/leaf lard and for other uses. Please keep advice and suggestions coming.

          1. Your first time out, you may want to have a sausage buddy helping you. Until you get used to the process, it helps to have one person pressing the meat down the chute and one person to hold the casing on and make sure there are no air bubbles/empty spots in the sausages.

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              It's definately a two person job with the Kitchen Aid. I've made up to 50# at once with my Kitchen Aid but it does take a while and you need to remember to refridgerate the portion of the batch you're not working on. The silver skin in the venison will clog the grinder and stuffer, so remove as much as possible before you get started. I'm not a fan of using the food processor because it chpos the meat rather than grinding and results in a different texture. Last, be sure to fry up a little and taste each batch for seasoning before you case the sausage.