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Jan 2, 2007 08:38 PM

Intimate cooking classes in Tuscany

Any suggestions?

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  1. Do you mean one-day classes? If so, I believe Faith Willinger gives them to small groups in her Florence apartment near Santo Spirito on Wednesdays. You can check her website. Another one is Florence is Judy Witt of Divina Cucina

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      I realize I should have been more specific. I'm planning on a 10 day/2 week vacation and want to cook and eat all over.

    2. Villa Delia is a beautiful and wonderful cooking school in between Pisa and Florence. They have a huge amount of land with grape vines and olive trees. They make all their own olive oil and wine. I would highly recommend it. You can find out about it at

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        1. Here is another idea. This place is the source of some of the best olive oil I've ever tasted:

          1. I would suggest Toscana Saporita Cooking School in Massa Rosa, about 12 miles outside of Lucca. I was there in November and had an absolutely great time. The max size of the class is 12. The founder and teacher at the school, Sandra Lotti is wonderful, as well as the other chef Chris Covelli who is from Florida.